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Post 21 made on Sunday August 20, 2006 at 01:41
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December 1999

When the average person sifts through all of the posts that contain some fact, some rumours, some guesses, some non-factual information, I can easily see how they would be in the same situation as you. I've known a number of the people at URC for 5 or 6 years, and I'm a bit muddled. In fact, I've refrained from reading every word in those threads, and mostly did some "speed reading" since so many of the posts start with a personal barrage, or misinformation, etc.

Yes, I'll state it here once again. URC did not handle this in a way that I agree with. Eric Johnson has popped in here and there to try and clarify things, such as the fact that URC has told people for years that they should always buy from an authorized dealer. Arguably, that information is not available to everyone, especially those without a computer and internet access. But then again, neither are the same policies by other companies.

That being said, a much more palatable approach would have been a graduated approach, and an approach that doesn't make the DIY'er feel like the fantastic programs and configurations that they've worked hard on, some even shared, and some even entered into URC's contest with, are so very much less than what the average Custom Installer could do.

However, the situation is much more a marketing faux paus than a logistical one for the end user.

The vast majority, probably almost all users, will have fully-functioning software that includes LiveUpdates for the foreseeable future. Nothing has changed except the way that you get the update-able software.

I would hate to see you miss out on another great remote that does include the WAF factor due to "What If's" that really don't pertain to URC's action now, and in my opinion, have been brought on by the paranoia that some have propagated in this forum.

Please don't let a flawed marketing/informational move take you away from a piece of equipment that will enhance your home theater experience for years to come.

Like I mentioned before, just the WAF is worth it! :-)


P.S. I hope to instill even more confidence in you once I've given some concrete answers to questions in my "ANSWERS" thread.
When ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.

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