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Post 40 made on Thursday November 4, 1999 at 09:21
Russ S.
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In reference to solve Bassmonkey's 1 and 1a problems. Unfortunately, the 1994's provided "volume punch through" feature only works with the TV and not the Receiver. There are two ways that I would recommend of solving this problem, both involve re-assignins the volume and mute bottons (in the DVD/VCR/DSS modes) to work the same as the Receive volume buttons. Bossmonkey doesn't need to do this in the TV mode because he still wants those to control his TV volume, so 1a was actually achieved by doing nothing.

The first way is to "remap" the volume and mute buttons in the DVD mode to actually send the Receiver volume commands when they are pressed. Here are the key presses to accomplish this:
DVD(Aux2)* Setup*--** 9* 9* 4** Rcvr(Aux1)* Vol Up* Vol Up--**
then do:
DVD(Aux2)* Setup*--** 9* 9* 4** Rcvr(Aux1)* Vol Down* Vol Down--**
then do:
DVD(Aux2)* Setup*--** 9* 9* 4** Rcvr(Aux1)* Mute* Mute--**

Now any time that your remote is in DVD(Aux2) mode and you press the Volume Up key, it will turn the Volume Up on your Receiver. You can do the same thing for the VCR mode by replacing the DVD(Aux2) press with the press of the VCR device button.

The second way of solving the problem is to "learn" the Receiver Remote's volume commands to the DVD device volume buttons. Sorry, but I don't have the specific key presses for this handy. This will accomplish the same thing as above.

By not doing one of these two things to the TV device volume buttons, it will not reassign those keys and thus accomplishing the 1a problem. Kinda nice, solving a problem by doing nothing!

For a little bit deeper information, why would you choose option 1 over option 2 or choose option 2 over option 1???? As was written in another thread about the Cinema 7, these remotes use two different memory storage areas. One area is for Macros, remappings, and advanced codes. Another area is for "learning" commands. These two areas are completely separate. So, if you are already using a lot of macros, remappings, or advanced codes then I would suggest using option 2 and "learning" the commands so that it moves this information over to the "learning" memory area. Or if you are learning a lot of commands, then use the remapping option to help even out the memory utilization. Memory on these remotes is somewhat small, so maximizing it's utilization is important.

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