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Post 27 made on Saturday January 27, 2007 at 14:56
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How much time do I have? One year? Two? I'm guessing both formats will be around for at least the next 2 years.

Depends what you mean. If you want Sony movies = 0, Disney =0, Fox=0, MGM=0, LG=0 plus every studio that belongs under those names

As for HD DVD as a whole, my guess less then 1y before HD DVD starts losing support

Is that a word for word quote?

I was just paraphrasing. But the signs and the articles are all there for you to get the history if you feel like searching.

Oh, and they now have a 51 gig disc.

No they donít Toshiba just said 51 is doable and we will bring it in front of the DVD forum soon the same way they have been saying 45GB is doable and that they will bring it in front of the DVD forum soon for the past 1.5 years +. Also you better hope it does not because if it does your player is useless.

Which doesn't matter.

If it does not the why BS that it is here now? Funny how I do not go around talking about 200GB BD even though they have been proven (something the 51 has been done yet)

KING KONG is the best example of HD DVD's success, it adresses all the concern from BD camp about quality to disc storage size. A 3 hour movie uncompressed, including PIP interactive cast interviews and behind the scenes footage.

It is a good example. No lossless audio video compression artefacts, and when it will be released in Europe it will need to drop some of the features you mentioned because they will need to add more lossy languages.

I had a link somewhere regarding replication costs.

Try here [Link:] they replicate both

HD DVD Replication Single Layer
Dual Layer
5,000 Discs$1.69 ea$1.99 ea
10,000 Discs$1.55 ea $1.85 ea
25,000 Discs$1.45 ea$1.69 ea
100,000 Discs$1.35 ea$1.55 ea

Blu-Ray DVD ReplicationSingle Layer
5,000 Discs$1.99 ea
10,000 Discs$1.79 ea
25,000 Discs$1.59 ea
100,000 Discs$1.49 ea

although this article touches on it a little:

3 million for a BR replicator and 100 thousand for an HD-DVD replicator is a huge difference.

so you found one bd article? Why donít you try asking replicators that have both? Late 2005 Cinram said that BD was a bit more expensive but that it costs around the same as HD DVD. They are both around 1M$. The 100k should be 200k and that is to modify a DVD line into n HD DVD line on the other hand the cycle time is around 1/2 and the reject rate is much higher. At least according to Cinram (that does the replication for Fox and WB) these donít make sense because the profit in a year from new lines should more then cover the initial price difference.

By the way, the PS3 is the best BD player the BD camp has right now. How sad is that?

No it is not. Itr is an excellent player, but not the best. It comes out ahead of the Samsung but behind the rest. If you mean best by best selling, then yes it is, but the add-on is the best selling HD DVD player and that is even more sad

Digital Playground has bailed on Blu-Ö.

Yes there are only a few replicators and some of them donít want to replicate porn. So Digital Playground decided to do HD DVD first (while looking) and Vivid decided not to go public with their info to have an advantage over their competition

BD machines are too expensive for the average consumer.

You blast the PS3 for being the best player and then you say BD machines are more expensive.

BD had one really good week for software sales in December

check again go with any retailer or all grouped together you will see BD has been outselling HD DVD for over a month now.
| but for the most part HD DVD is greatly outselling BD as far as movies go.

Show nme a link
There are 9 million x-boxes that can be upgraded to HD-DVD with a $200 add-on. I think there are less than 250,000 PS3's sold so far @ $600.

But 9M 360 does not mean 9M idiots willing to spend their money on HD DVD nor 9M add-ons to be bought if the idiots did exist. As for BD the number is just under 2M (if not over by now) Where the hell did you get such a ridiculous number from. There where 250k sold in the US the first day.
| They are outselling the BD camp in hardware and software.

Now that shows delusion. You said 250k PS3 (even though much higher) and we know there were only 175k HD DVD players (including add-on) we did not add the stand alone BD players to the mix and yet you can say in HW HD DVD has outsold BD.

I was not saying a person should buy the XA-2 for the upconversion alone. I was pointing out that my player will never be a boat anchor.

Why not, that will be a good use of it :). If someone is interested in upconverting DVDs they can spend much less and get a better machine. Also letís say HD DVD does dissapear, what will you do? Go back to DVD or go buy a new HD player to enjoy HD movies. If you buy a new player will you keep your HD DVD for upconverting or will you use that one player for DVDs and BDs? Not to mention that even if HD DVD is still around if they move to 51GB disks you still have a useless machine

Something that might happen to your Sammy (or whatever you own) someday.

Well I have a Samy and a PS3. On the other hand I recommend to the guy a PS3 because a t the end of the day he will still have an exceptional gaming machine. But if that happens it means the dream of HD disks is dead so we are all losers.

Star Trek, LOTR and the Matrix series. I can't wait!

Paramountm, New Line and Warner all three from studios also supporting BD. Warner has in the past hampered BD because it did not want to make the BD better but even that looks to be changing. So you can have your crappier versions while I have my better ones.

On the other hand

Rocky (MGM), Terminator (LG), Spiderman(Sony), Star Wars (Fox), Cars(Disney)
Are BD and not HD DVD

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