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Post 23 made on Friday January 26, 2007 at 07:42
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December 2004
On January 21, 2007 at 11:08, Anthony said...
but it is and just because you don't want to admit it
does not change the facts. HD DVD had two chances to win
this war and both times it do what was needed. At this
point if you like it or not it is just a matter of time.

How much time do I have? One year? Two? I'm guessing both formats will be around for at least the next 2 years.
The big chance was late 2004 early 2005 when they could
have listened to the studios and gotten their support
instead of BD. But when studios were saying 15GB and 30GB
was not enough Toshiba said "what do you know, it is
more then enough" when studios were saying AACS is not
enough again the response was " what do you know, AACS
will never be cracked or circumvented". What were they
saying "[we have no idea what BD replication will cost
but] BD is and will be so much more expensive to replicate
that you won't have a choice to join our side and so
shut up and do as we say"

Is that a word for word quote? Link please. Oh, and they now have a 51 gig disc. Which doesn't matter. KING KONG is the best example of HD DVD's success, it adresses all the concern from BD camp about quality to disc storage size. A 3 hour movie uncompressed, including PIP interactive cast interviews and behind the scenes footage.
That cost them many studios that went with BD. Before
that HD DVD would have had the best chances (i.e. assuming
we take it for granted that HD disks survive ) it would
have been 70%-30% after that it became 50%-50% and when
Sony announced the PS3 it became 70%-30% in BDs favour.

I had a link somewhere regarding replication costs. But I can't find it right now, although this article touches on it a little:
3 million for a BR replicator and 100 thousand for an HD-DVD replicator is a huge difference.
And interestingly enough the article states both formats will die.
By the way, the PS3 is the best BD player the BD camp has right now. How sad is that?
Digital Playground has bailed on Blu-Ray and started production of HD-DVD's. The replicator said they can't make adult titles because Sony would take their license away. This is a quote from Joone, the co-owner of Digital Playground:

On the other side of the coin is this quote:
"Vivid Entertainment LLC's co-chairman and co-chief executive, Steven Hirsch, says that after months of searching, he finally has found a replicator that will crank out adult movies in Blu-ray, although he won't say which company for fear of tipping off the competition. In March, he plans to release what he anticipates will be the first adult movie in both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats: "Debbie Does Dallas... Again."
Here is an article from Julie Jacobson:
the last chance HD DVD had was that things will go real
bad for BD, the PS3 would have issues and HD DVD would
do great. None of which happened. |

Actually all three of the things you mentioned happened. BD machines are too expensive for the average consumer. BD had one really good week for software sales in December, but for the most part HD DVD is greatly outselling BD as far as movies go.
PS3's do have flickering issues:
I have also heard of freezing issues.
There are 9 million x-boxes that can be upgraded to HD-DVD with a $200 add-on. I think there are less than 250,000 PS3's sold so far @ $600. They are gathering dust in the big box stores where I live.
Lastly, HD-DVD is doing great. They are outselling the BD camp in hardware and software.

There we4re some hicsfor BD but they were not even speed bumps and HD DVD did
do well enough but no where near what they need. They
sold 175k players all last year. That is close to 1/2
as well as DVD in 97. Yes for most of the year HD DVD
had a slight lead over BD but everyone (with a brain)
knew that that lead needed to be extremely BIG if HD DVD
were to have a chance. Because even though HD DVD was
unobstructed for 3months of the year and then was ahead
for 4 months Nov and Dec -with a lead of 8:1-2:1 over
that period per month. Once the PS3 came out and even
though there was the 200$ add-on BD caught up and surpassed
HD DVD for the year. This is in players in titles sold
in everything.

to use a hockey analogy yes all hope is not lost (if you
are a fanboy of the team) but to make it to the playoffs
your team has to win all the next 25 games with many
points, that they have to play the toughest teams, while
the other teams need to lose every one of the remaining
games. And your team has not gotten a point in the last
two months, mostly players are sick and they are playing
a game losing 4-1 at the beginning of the third period.

I canít understand why a real AV enthusiast will tell
an other that they should spend the money to get HD DVD
and being stuck watching SD for most stuff because most
studios donít and wonít support HD DVD. When the guy can
buy a BD player and get HD movies from all but one studio.

I was not saying a person should buy the XA-2 for the upconversion alone. I was pointing out that my player will never be a boat anchor. Something that might happen to your Sammy (or whatever you own) someday.
I can understand recommending both, only way to get everyone.
But telling someone that it is better to get 50% on SD
for no other reason then trying to prop format that should
have never been, I just donít get it.

So, that was your choice not to care about who will win,
who will bring you more HD.... does that mean that the
rest of us should not point the information out to others
who do care about these stuff? From FrankĒs original
post he is obviously interested in not wasting his money
on the wrong format, or else he would not be thinking
of an upscaling player, he would have just thrown away
his $$$ on an HD DVD player like you did.

I do care who wins. That is why I spent my money on HD-DVD.
They will win too. Just wait and see.
But some people want toi spend money on an HD player
to watch HD and not upconverted SD. His solution for
upconverted SD is to buy a 230$ upconverted player and
not a 800$ upconverting player because he wants to delude
himself that he has an HD player

Star Trek, LOTR and the Matrix series. I can't wait!

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