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Post 5 made on Sunday September 28, 2003 at 17:34
Ron Aronson
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June 2002
Go here Click on Setup Codes, find the Sony TV code (0000), then click on Advanced Code List, go to TV, click on 0000, and you will see all the discrete codes available.

Find the one you want to use, for example Video 5 is 162. Put the 3000 in learn mode, press the key you want to teach to, then (the rest of this sentence was edited for clarity after I read edmund’s response below and found out it needed more info) on the Radio Shack/OFA remote, press setup or “P” and 1-6-2, and it will send the signal to your 3000 for that code. Now you have a discrete video 5 signal, and can use it by itself, put it in a macro, or both. You already have video 1-4 discretes on the 3000, but if you wanted them on another key you would do the same thing for them. There is no video 7, so you need to use video 6 and one tv/input key to get you to video 7. You can do this with a micro-macro-see this thread [Link:]

If you want to put the code permanently into your RS/OFA remote for future use, you can use the keymove procedure to assign it to a specific key. Since this procedure varies for different remotes, I will give the most commonly used procedures here, since they are not always outlined in the manual.

Most remotes without lcd screens:

Press and hold "p or setup" until it blinks, then release
press 9-9-4
press the device key (in this case, the TV key)
press "p or setup" once
press the 3 digit advanced/discrete code (on 15-2142 put 00 in front of all 3 digit codes EX: 00053)
press the device button
press the key you want to use, which will then have the advanced/discrete code you assigned permanently entered

Now, you have permanently assigned the pip split function to that key. If there are any more advanced/discrete codes on the list that you want to use, just repeat.

To delete a keymoved code:
Press and hold "p or setup" until it blinks
press 9-9-4
press the device key
press key twice

Radio Shack 15-2116 and similar remotes

1) Hold SETUP (green P), till screen reads "CODE SET"
2) Scroll down to "KEYMOVER",
3) Press SELECT, screen reads "FROM MODE"
4) Press the device button the code is coming from, screen
reads "FROM KEY"
5) Press SETUP, screen reads "SYNT"
6) Type the 3 digit advanced code (in this case 0-5-3)
7) Press SELECT, screen reads "TO MODE"
8) Press the device button the code is going to, screen reads "TO KEY"
9) Press the button you are trying to program, screen reads "SUCCESS"

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