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Post 5 made on Wednesday December 27, 2023 at 11:22
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Thanks for the input, my replies below

On December 27, 2023 at 10:43, Brad Humphrey said...
If you get a blinking light on the base when sending RF commands from the remote, then that means the base station is receiving the RF signals.

That only leaves the RF routing in the software.
1) Is the device trying to be controlled selected to RF (or even IR & RF) in the base station menu.
2) What port is it selected for or is it selected to 'All'

IR & RF All ports. I even put a remote eye in a back port and see the red flashing out of the end !
I suppose you could have a defective MX890. One that is transmitting the RF code but not the preamble for the routing, which would make the signal go nowhere in the base. That also would explain why the MRF100 works, since it doesn't use preambles.
But in all my years, I have never seen a URC remote fail in that manner. That would be a first.

The other thing I noticed is you said you tried an MX-890i & MRF350i and got the same result. Meaning it would blink the RF light on the base but not send out the codes? Was the RFX-250(i) antenna that came with the MRF350i, also labeled as an "i" model? Because the antenna has to be the same as well.

Both remote, antenna and base unit were all the I veriety and give the same issue.

I also got an MX900I for a song on ebay and it does the same thing with the MRF350I.

If so, I don't mean to pick on you but you HAVE to have something wrong in the programming. There is no way you could have 2 remotes that are defective in a way that has never been seen before.

I would agree. I use a Win 7 pc to edit the CCP files, but despite the helpful threads on this forum could not get it to talk to the MX980, so I move the file to an XP pc for that. Thought it could be that, but a kind person here created me a very basic file to test, put that directly on the XP PC and same issue !
Either that or you need to call a priest to the home. It needs an exorcism. :)

I think it must be this !!! Or perhaps the 100 will stop working after the Christmas period !

Seriousley and putting aside supernatural issues, I can only assume either something in CCP or the local RF environmet is messing up the RF Preamble. No idea what / how though.

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