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Post 1 made on Sunday September 11, 2022 at 02:32
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December 2020
I found a way to get into the CE desktop by replacing the browser with the diag program. I tried to install cabs and launch exes but all of my files are from 2001 and has issues with ce 5. (samsung ARM920T) Beware any changes you make to the OS while in OS is saved in ram and will be lost if you remove battery or hit reset button.

You also get full access to SD card slot on side which is SDHC and the largest card I have tried is 16GB fat 32.

The reason the remote has to reset when you 'program' it is because its treating it as a firmware upgrade. Keep this in mind if you make lots of little changes as it will wear on the nand. Im guessing this is to make sure the programming can persist through a battery removal or hard reset.

I would imagine there is a system in place to launch something from SD card when its inserted, would be nice to find this as it would be great to load the remote configs from the actual SD card.

The goods;

In your CCP folder on computer, in the mx6000/rc/ replace the URCIE with RCTest by renaming RCTest to URCIE. Make sure you have backups.

(edit; RCSetup is the thing you get when you press mute + OK. do with this as you will. You can also run the original files from say, your SD card to get these things if you replace them out while in the explorer)

Create a URC web browser button in any of your CCP files and upload as normal. Tap your browser and the test should launch.

Go to utility then mode then shell. Use rebooting in the same menu to reset. It will drop you into a familiar CE PDA desktop that is mostly working.

To switch back, launch the renamed URCIE file that is located in the windows directory and select it back to RC then rebooting.

If there is a way to launch this without this hack, please let me know,

something useful; once you get the taskbar, set keyboard to keyboard (you will see what I mean) because this way You can now use ctrl esc to pop up start menu wherever it lets you use the keyboard, for instance in the wifi config.

also... Ide like to get my hands the last CCP before passwords. Yes I know im asking for allot of hate. It is possible to just use a copy of the install folder. ; ) i have the 2013 file. Thanks to whomever.

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