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Post 5 made on Friday April 12, 2019 at 16:00
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On April 12, 2019 at 14:53, Ernie Gilman said...
There are various chemicals that are supposed to infiltrate, penetrate, or whatever different pieces of whatever that are stuck together.

The first thing I'd do, really, is to look at the materials and check via google for hints. Is it cast aluminum? Cast iron? Is the pump made of the same material as the block? I can't offer any hints tailored to these particular materials except for you to take note of the materials and look up what you can.

Case in point: decades ago I was asked if, since I was such a smartass, I could figure out how to remove a shower head in my girlfriend's parents' house. They wanted a new one. Two plumbers had not been able to remove the old one.

So I thought of "difference in temperature."

I actually got into the shower and turned it on, which the plumbers guaranteed did not do... I did something nuts like turn HOT on full, then put an ice cube up against the nozzle part. Whatever the details, the shower head came off easily with two pairs of pliers.

Also be sure that you really have removed all the bolts. The model you mention (ahem) might have some other thing that holds it in place.

The model is 5.7l hemi. All bolts are out. Part of the recommended process is making a template in cardboard with the holes all marked. Did this using the replacement pump. As you remove each bolt, put it in the correct hole in the cardboard. Since they all use different length bolts, and they're scattered about, it's easy to forget which goes where. All of the bolts are in their correct slot on the template.

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