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Post 75 made on Friday April 24, 2015 at 10:37
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How is everybody's R40 OLED Screen holding up?? The screen on my over 3-year-old R40 has been getting dimmer and dimmer as the months and years go by and has become so dim that it's now very difficult to see when reconfiguring the remote. It's virtually impossible to see during the daytime so i had to wait till night time and reconfigure it in a completely dark room, and even then it was difficult to see the screen. My friend's R40 has also dimmed over time, but not as much as mine has (He doesn't use his nearly as much as i do). The issue is also compounded by the screen slightly illuminating every time a key is pressed which is completely unnecessary as it adds daily and constant wear to the OLED pixels on that screen. I wish there was a setting to leave the screen completely off like you can with the buttons, but no.

I don't use the screen keys for any of my devices so it's not an issue in daily use, but this dim screen is a huge problem now when i try to reconfigure it when i re-arrange my A/V components in the man-room.

I have a bad feeling that the OLED screen on the R40 (and on the MX-780 which is the Pro version) does not have the longevity of an LCD screen (as used on the R50, MX-450, MX-890 etc), and eventually my R40 will be rendered useless if the screen gets any dimmer (which i presume it will). And the R40 is discontinued and they are no longer making any good learning remotes anymore.

On another note, i just picked up an MX-450 learning remote (pro version of the R50) to use from my desk (replacing an MX-500) and it's not bad, but is not nearly as configurable as the R40 and i don't like the location and feel of many of it's buttons. I do like that bigger brighter LCD screen though, but that's about it. It will do, but i much prefer the R40 as it feels perfect and does every single thing that i need it to do (especially my long macros).

My dream remote however would be the MX-890 - the key layout is identical to the R40 and it has an LCD screen that's bigger than the R40's OLED screen but it requires their CCP software and a knowledgeable installer to program it - and it's also expensive.

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