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Post 7 made on Thursday February 28, 2013 at 07:13
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I agree that the remote is the most important part of the system and the two remotes are at opposite ends of the spectrum. But, I have used both as an installer and the WR7 has its place for 4 or under devices that just need simple control. We call it the 'elderly' remote. It is good for someone that is not going to play with surround modes or a need for Netflix button and just wants to have simple control of their system and aren't willing to pay several hundred dollars to make that happen.

We charge the retail price of the remote ($35) and 1 hour labor. It usually takes about 15 minutes. Here is how you do it. Open CCP and look at the codes for the devices you need. Put the codes in the remote. Take one of the CCP model remotes and teach your discrete on/off and input commands onto a device you are not using like AUX. Program your 4 macros (On/Off and typically DVD and cable buttons). Set the volume punch through. DONE!

It is probably the fastest remote we have to program. Our next step is the MX-780. We don't do the MX-450 as it takes too long to program compared to a 780. The 450 I find is only good for prepackaged systems where you do the program once and just download to it for each subsequent system or a good sale for the DIY crowd.

The WR7 is not for everyone and it won't work as well for the average consumer that can't teach it discrete codes. It is also our least selling remote but it does fit a small niche.

For the OP you are comparing a very low end to a higher end remote. There are models in between. You want a screen with some customization look at the URC R50. Need RF look at the MX-450. Want computer programming with variables on the remote and macros on any key then consider the MX-780 which only has text labels except for the main page. Want more graphic options for buttons, a rechargeable battery and a charging dock, now you are up to the 890. Want a touch screen go to the 1200.

I don't know how you go from a WR7 to an 890 and think the price should be remotely close, there are many step in between that might fit your needs.

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