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Post 65 made on Sunday February 17, 2013 at 20:13
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May 2011
On February 17, 2013 at 05:52, Azathoth said...
Thanks guys, you've completely removed any desire I had to work with any URC dealers. The arrogance and levels of smugness here are truly astounding.

Do you really, really think you're that much better than your customers? I've been in the tech industry for a long time, and I've worked with organizations that respected their customers, and organizations that started with the assumption that their customers were idiots. Guess which ones lasted, when money got tight?

News flash! People, no matter who they are, don't like being talked down to or treated like idiots.

My apologies to any of you who actually value your customers as intelligent people instead of just revenue streams. I mean that. Personally, I love tinkering with my own gadgets and figuring out things for myself. With Pronto pretty much gone, that's left me looking for something to replace it when mine finally dies. I came here hoping to learn more about URC remotes, as they look like a good replacement. The amount of disdain and vitriol I'm seeing in this thread has completely soured me on URC "professionals".

Speaking for myself, I have no disdian and vitriol for actual clients. I love my customers. What is a complete pain in the ass is:

1) People (I won't call them clients) who offer to buy a URC remote for the lowest price they can find anywhere on the Internet and then want me to throw in the software. If you want that price, go buy it from Ebay Internet guy.

2) The liars on here that keep asking for the software claiming that their dealer won't "call them back". In actuality, they bought it from Ebay guy, previously noted above.

People have been dealing with #1 and #2 on this site for years, hence the tone you may have picked up. if you're not #1 or #2, many dealers, myself included, would be happy to sell you the remote at MSRP and support you with a copy of the software. Talk to a dealer and see what happens.
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