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Post 37 made on Friday November 2, 2012 at 19:33
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October 2012
On November 2, 2012 at 17:18, Darnitol said...
Guys, there will always be people who rationalize software theft by saying, "There's a way for me to get it, therefore I shouldn't have to obtain it legally," or, "I WANT it, so they shouldn't make it so hard for me to get it." Those people are not the same ones who loot and steal, generally speaking. It's very easy to hide behind "I want it, and I can get it, so it 'shouldn't be' illegal."

But it IS illegal.

However, there are some surprisingly sophisticated ways to track down people using and/or distributing pirated software. For me, the first clue would be that any software with a "Live Update" button has to contact the host server in order to be able to tell you that a new update is available. But hey... that's just me. I'm just one of the people being stolen FROM... what do I know?

Go ahead, track me. Or should I say try to. How do you know I didnt get it from a dealer and finally got the software legally? How do you know I am not using someone else's WIFI illegally? I am apparently such a bad bad person, you wouldnt put it past me right?

I understand not wanting to support the software but why try an tie the hands of the END USER? Distribute the software and remotes then let the END USER figure it out. Ohh wait, thats what I did so whats illegal about it?

I wish I hadn't bought one of these and wont be buying or recommending URC to anyone else because of this.

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