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Post 24 made on Tuesday January 10, 2012 at 14:10
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January 2012
On December 28, 2011 at 21:09, RandyWalters said...
Update - while setting up my DVD player device from scratch, the command i'd put on the EXIT key disappeared, so i re-learned it ok, but then the command on the Menu key disappeared so i had to re-learn that one as well. It's a little irritating but not a big deal as there are already so many steps in creating a device and getting it all set up exactly the way i want it so re-learning a few more keys isn't a problem - i think the remote is worth it.

FWIW, after fully programming all my devices and creating several macros this R40 is working flawlessly and everything i've taught it is still working since finishing it a few weeks ago. I'm really liking this remote, and i'm barely using my MX-500 anymore.

Hi Randy,

I have had the prior consumer versions of the URC remotes for years (URC 100, URC 300, RF20 & RF30). I've always been pleased with these units, but from time to time have been looking to upgrade. When the R50 came out, I had hoped it was the solution for me, but the one thing which kept me from getting it was (quoted from Amazon review):

"If the screen is off, your first keypress turns the screen on, but the command isn't sent to the device. This is extremely irritating! With the old MX-500, I could set it down, and whenever the phone rang I could just pick it up and hit pause. With the new R50, I hit pause, nothing happens, then I have to hit pause again."

Does the R40 also have this same issue? That's pretty much a show-stopper for me.

Secondly, do you know if the R40 has a RF board in it like the older URC remotes? Having the built in 418MHz RF frequency is a huge plus for me since it allows me to use my 418MHz NextGen Remote Extender without the weird battery device that would normally be needed to make it function. I'm thinking the R40 does not have RF capability based on the name (R instead of RF) and also the specs shown on the URC website, but wanted to check with someone who has it.

TIA for any help/insight you can provide.

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