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Post 25 made on Wednesday November 9, 2011 at 12:37
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Yes I do use C/Ku band (more like a hobby for me) but somehow limited(acctually there are just a few signals I am not able to get after fully teaking my system) because I only have a 6 footer (recommended minimum is 8.5 with 10 ft the safer choice) with the exception of FOX , the other major US networks are available on C band (PBS ku), but there is at least a FOX affiliate somewhere. PBS and NBC are available on Ku (all HD , all timeshifted national signals). CBS and ABC (all timezones) are also unscrambled on C band but those feeds are super high quality (they use MPEG4, 8PSK, and very high FEC 8/9, I have never seen them BTW) therefore it requieres a 10 footer for 100% availablity all the time. CW and ION (all timezones) are also on C band with a 6 footer. FOX and most of its owned cable channels and the rest of the Canadian networks are unfortunaelly scrambled.

C Band as it was before (read subscription channels for a small monthly pay) is still alive but with way fewer choices . It is called HITS and requieres only a fixed 6 footer aimed at 105W plus an authorized DCII digital receiver. Check for available packages and pricing. I do not subscribe to that though, my tv channel list currently has 2000 channels (it increases over time due to temporary sports/concerts/events/news feeds like last weekend UFC) so it really has probably 500 TV stations from all over the world (DW, NHK, Al jazeera, Azteca,BBC News,France24,RAI, you name it) but unfortunaelly most are not in english so from an english speaking only tv viewer there are probably only 200 channels and from those most are religious or ethnic. If you enjoy the Opera or world famous Theatrical Plays or performances from major theaters then check Rick's Satellite feeds listings or pay the entry fee at your local movie theater to watch them lol. Most come from Europe and usually at least 1 signal is available on Ku (they usually have a backup signal or even recorded reruns at 7 pm ET
just in case the local theater did not recorded it live)

Anyways I am looking forward to watching this weekend the PPV Boxing figth Pacquiao vs JM Marquez either with 1 hour delay on TV Azteca from Mexico or LIVE on the possible C band feed (if they do not choose to scramble it as soon as the main event starts like the last time around).

For more info on channels and LIVE feeds (a feed is a master signal going from the postproduction or news truck to the tv central studios, no ads, highest quality) check Rick's Satellite Wildfeeds. For ITC or unscrambled TV and Radio channels check Mike Khol's . For more info and board discussion on SAT stuff see SatelliteGuys.US.

I think no one better than Kelly or another local insaller should advice you on OTA channels locally in Barrie, so keep us posted , it might help another of your neighborgs down the road.

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