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Post 5 made on Tuesday September 20, 2011 at 10:22
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On September 19, 2011 at 23:06, Angus Macphee said...
I did contact CBC & the person was not aware of TV over the air.They did steer me to their website & it stated channel 16 's transmitter is off the air Sept 1.The site shows that Barrie is barely inside channel 20's radius.

Eh!!!!!!!, for less than that professionals get executed in Cuba! (this is just a phrase we cubans use, so please). Are you telling us that not only London but also Barrie was supposed to be without CBC signals (probably the french version as well) after the digital switch over?. I remember talking to a CBC tech once that was insisting that the CBC Toronto (I think is fair to assume the tech did not know that its call sign is CBLT) was channel 6!!!!! like it is in most cable systems probably instead of Ch 5 were it has always been OTA (well I think at the beggining it was on a different one over 50 years ago). As my professors back in the university in Cuba used to say those are conceptual mistakes and beleive me for those kind of ones lots of students failed and were expelled at an over 50% rate (around 100 started 1st year , less than 50 graduated 5 years later)

BTW funny thing is that probably most non tax payers are behind bars therefore they not only get CBC but also a full cable line up , something that lots of citizens can not even afford!. The local MP should listen to every local citizen no matter the quality of its tax paying standing , Thanks for reminding me that this is a money based society , something that I seem to forget quite often.

The whole society is greedy , not only the cable companies, this is a systemic problem , what you experience is just its consecuences, but then again the big paradox is , to fix it one would need a revolution but then I would be the first one to call Air Canada and get the hell out of here becasue I know how that always ends 50 years later lol.

End of the political "baba" , now let me see if I can research this more and help you further, I remember London made a big fuss but Barrie was not mention so I was on the assuption that Barrie would had also digital TV Transmitted locally. (funny that cubans in rural areas complain that the goverment has installed local transmitters for the 6 national channels in almost every town possible that obviously overwhelms the RF spectrum therefore no this cubans could not get the US channels from florida anymore , yet over here is the opposite, lol)

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