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About Me:Shuheng hugged his pillow and quilt, stood at the bedroom door, and turned around and told him, "The new towel and my pajamas are on the left side of the cupboard.". You know, I don't have any women's clothes here. You can make do with them. Call me if you can't sleep. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday, so I don't have to go to work. "Thank you." Emo was a little embarrassed, and he had a little sense of Nestle. But running out of the house in the middle of the night, I really don't know where else to go. She had never come to Shuheng's house, but gave the taxi driver the address, so she touched it. She didn't have her cell phone with her, and she barely paid for the taxi with five yuan left. The driver looked at her out of her mind and didn't haggle with her any more. If she finds the wrong place, she may really lie on a park bench all night. Why do we say thank you so much. Get some rest. Shuheng closed the bedroom door, and Aimer turned and leaned against the door, staring at the strange bed in a daze. There are more than ten million people in this city, and every night. Whether she went back to her own bed or not, who and who did what in which bed had nothing to do with her. However,Blue Bottle Serum, she escaped from her own bed on such a night because of another woman. Yan Yu did not admit or deny it. He didn't deny it. The tears could not stop flowing down again. Aimer wiped it hard. Tell yourself.. Cry for this kind of man. Not worth it. But how many women can only do what is worth all their lives. There was a voice in the living room, and it was Shuheng who was calling Aimer's home. Hello, Auntie, I'm calling so late. I'm Shuheng. Think, yes, I have it here. En, good "silence for a long time,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, it seems that the other side of the phone is narrating something," I know, aunt, you can rest assured. Elmo is asleep now. Then I heard Shuheng's voice sinking, "I'll call her back tomorrow." Good night, Auntie. The slipper rubbed against the floor and stopped at the bedroom door. "Elmo, can I come in?" I.. I'm getting ready for a bath. "Then.." Wash up and go to bed early. Emo was soaking in the bath, and the heat was rising. Strange bathroom, strange mood. She never thought that such a thing would really happen to her. A senior who divorced her husband last year told her that if she really loved her, she would forgive each other's mistakes again and again. But every time you forgive, you will cut a deep knife in the original relationship. Began because of fear of pain, reluctant to let go, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, after a time of pain slowly found that love has been in a time of forgiveness and mistakes in the wear out. Senior sister said she was tired, so she chose to leave. It takes courage for a woman who is almost forty years old to regain her freedom to be alone. How much love does Aimo have for Yan Yu? How many knives can she be cut? How much courage does she have to leave alone. Someone knocked on the bathroom door outside, and Shuheng asked cautiously, "Elmer?" "I'm here." Aimer stood up in the bath and pulled out the plug. I'm sorry. I just watched you wash too long in case you fainted. "What's the matter?". I'm fine. I'll be right out. "I have prepared a midnight snack, if you are hungry." Come out and eat. Knowing that Shuheng had something to say to himself, Aimer dried his hair and put on his pajamas. The clothes were too big, and Aimer rolled up the cuffs and trouser legs high, dangling. It seems that people are going to become immortals. If only I could really fly up and get out of this tangled state. Unfortunately, I don't have the courage or the impulse. For the sake of other people's fault, Emo can't do it. There was a plate of fruit, two cans of hot eight-treasure porridge, and a hand of beer on the table. Aimer did not eat dinner, but the canned eight-treasure porridge was so sweet that he could not drink anything, so he could only eat slowly with a plate of fruit. Shuheng drank beer alone, "I heard your mother say, Yan Yu he." A mouthful of apple choked in his throat, which made Aimer's eyes red and hung on his chest, unable to speak. I told you, a man in his position. If you want to mix in the mall, social intercourse is unavoidable. As long as there is no truth, you can turn a blind eye. "It's not a social event." Aimer interrupted Shuheng and corrected the concept, "It's an old lover." When Aimer asked if Yan Yu and Xiao Ying had slept together, Yan Yu's mother just pushed the door and came in to ask them to have dinner.
Seeing the state of confrontation between the two men, he was stunned for a moment. Yan Yu pulled Aimer, trying to hold things down for a while. Perhaps because his parents are also here, Emo's only daughter's stubborn temper is hard to meet. At this point, she did not want to continue to play a harmonious couple in front of her parents. She was not a person who could act. If things don't work out, she can't do anything. Yan Yu's patience was just worn out, and the whole family was shouted into the living room for a family meeting by saying, "What on earth do you want?". Under the pressure of his father, Yan Yu denied that Xiao Ying's child was his. Mother Yan also came forward to reveal that Xiao Ying's little girl had been entangled more than ten years ago. When Yan Yu first went abroad, Xiao Ying once came to Yan's home with a belly. But the Yan family saw at a glance that there was a pillow stuffed in it. Mother Yan said that the woman might be repeating the same trick and deliberately destroying other people's families. But for Emo, it's no longer important whether the baby in Xiao Ying's belly is Yan Yu's or not. The point is that Yan Yu has never denied that he had sex with Xiao Ying. In front of the four old people, Emo asked again, but Yan Yu was still silent. Don't need to say anything more, what else need to say? The man who did something wrong and never said he was sorry, the man who always shirked all the blame, silence is tantamount to admission. Shuheng turned the empty beer can into a tower and looked up. "Do you know why almost every big city has a very tall building and why many nationalities have totem poles?"? And build higher and higher, you are higher,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, I am higher than you. Men's genitals override many things, including men's sanity and ethics. "Do you think now is the time to talk about the worship of procreation?" Emo pushed the fruit bowl away and stood up to go back to the bedroom. After drinking a little beer, he began to talk nonsense. Why didn't he know that Shuheng was such a bad drinker before.
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