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Designed for:
Philips ProntoPro NG TSU7000
Submitted by:
Wesley Mullings
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Contest Entry #05: Digital Lifestyles
This remote features for the user:
  1. Inviting splash screen introduces the location of the remote, the designer, and features inviting background art.
  2. Color-coded functionality, allowing easy discernment between video and audio functions. The user may simply glance at the remote to find where they are.
  3. Directions are provided on pages that may need instructions to continue use.
  4. Subdued background art demonstrates the selected function without overpowering displayed buttons.
  5. Latching source buttons that glow to let the user know exactly where they are.
  6. Pages are titled to further assist the user in navigating through the remote.
  7. Sides of the touchscreen and hard buttons are reserved for consistent mode buttons. The center of the remote is the active use area.
  8. Maximum icons are used to minimize required reading. Text is provided only when icons will not suffice to explain the button’s function.
  9. Well-placed and sized buttons allow a wider variety of finger sizes to use it.
  10. Button placements are consistent, regardless of the function, source, or mode selected, allowing less required reading for the user during normal use.
  11. Always-available online help is a ready tutor for the first-time or forgetful user. Hard button programming help is easily retrievable for familiarization.
  12. A tutorial preface is available from the Home page to explain the remote’s general design and focus. The designer may offer their contact information here as a reference for future work requests.
  13. Video sources may switch to ‘Movie Mode’ which assumes that the lighting will dim to create a movie house feel.
  14. Movie Mode is also color-coded to minimize distractions from the remote, preventing temporarily blindness by the remote’s backlighting during prolonged use.
  15. Maximum use of hard buttons makes for logical programming arrangements according to the selected source.
  16. Macro programming and arrangement makes for easy system reset if the system ever becomes out-of-sync.
Features for the designer:
  1. Maximum width function tree design allows for more efficient navigation.
  2. Device and page groupings are logically ordered for easy programming and adjustments.
  3. Centralized IR codes and macros make for simplified and faster programming.
  4. Simplified IR and macro pages makes for easy code and sequence additions and deletions.
  5. Standardized hard button use makes for easier debugging.
  6. Arrangement is arranged to allow easy and quick component additions (devices, pages, IR codes, and macros).
  7. IR pages feature all available IR codes for components for debugging, calibration, technical support, and synchronization.
  8. Macro programming and arrangement makes for easy system reset if the system ever becomes out-of-sync.
Updated:March 11, 2004
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