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For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Dave Sylvester
Dave Sylvester's TSU7000
Complete system PCF for TSU7000. This is actually an update of a remote I uploaded a few months ago, and I like this iteration a whole lot better. I scrapped some hardware, moved to an iMon HTPC, and wound up creating a lot of new buttons (plus a lot of revisions to prior buttons) myself from scratch. The Pronto now also does full home automation and not just remote control aggregation; lighting and window shades are now also controlled by the system. Hope you enjoy!
Updated: June 24, 2005  Size: 501kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: David Shaw
David Shaw's Dark PCF
Here is my Midnite PCF (black ground with lite colored buttons) for the Pronto 3000. The buttons are all original (except for a couple that I borrowed elsewhere). All the buttons have been tweaked for display on the remote. It has several wait pages for when a long macro plays. All devices have discrete power on and off. I have duplicated the cursor buttons on a lot of the screens because the wife has trouble pushing the "Hard" buttons with her arthritus.
Updated: March 11, 2003  Size: 797kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: David Shaw
David Shaw's Light PCF
This is a PCF for the Pronto 3000. It contains 99% original graphics in the 16 shade pronto palette. It also has several test pages for expermentation of graphics and different ideas. The background will be changed on future versions.
Updated: March 11, 2003  Size: 622kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: David Shaw
David Shaw's White PCF
This is a "White" version of my Midnite PCF. There have been some new bitmaps added, many modified, and a few minor changes.Just about any page is only 2 or 3 button pushes away. I even used rocker switches for my power on and off buttons! It has been cetified as wife friendly. The PCF has been tested in the 3000 remote and most of the bitmaps had to be darkened for best viewing. There is a lot of difference between the simulator and the actual remote views.
Updated: March 12, 2003  Size: 607kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Philip Saturday
Fire and Ice
I took a few of the elements of the others and combined them to match my system with my programming style.
Updated: November 06, 2007  Size: 2.51mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Hagen Schütte
Hagen Schütte's Modular PCF
My new "modular" design. Many special features like zone 2, zone 3 home preset, direct EQ for the Yamaha receiver, VCR shuttle functions etc. Have fun! Remember: many devices are set to RF!
Updated: November 24, 2004  Size: 595kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Gary Stevens
Herb's Theater
A mix of some favorite remote control files with my own twist.
Updated: December 23, 2006  Size: 6.45mb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: John Sully
John Sully's "Plain" PCF
This is just a plain vanilla TSU3000 PCF. It uses stock graphics and the stock navigation system.
Updated: March 11, 2003  Size: 57kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Jonathan Schalliol
Jonathan Schalliol's System
A complete system featuring a keyboard for the SlimDevices SqueezeBox and Macros for setting of inputs on three zones. Thanks to johnsfine and Bruce Hartly for all the assistance.
Updated: September 04, 2006  Size: 502kb

For: Marantz RC5400
By: Julien Le Sauter
Julien Le Sauter's RC5400
A mixed and modified version of Adam Holt's setup and Shakeel Kassan's RC5400. Special thanks for you for your great job. It is an excellent support, basis to customize ours personal configurations. Recommanded to RC5400 users.
Updated: January 20, 2006  Size: 742kb
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