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For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: John David Williams
John's New CCF
A full system PCF with some modified buttons and new graphics imported by me. Also the x-10 codes took ages to come up with using makehex. They now work well with the Marmitek IR7243. When I started this file there were no codes for the IR7243 - so I hope this helps. Some sections are borrowed from other people - thanks.
Updated: January 02, 2010  Size: 5.76mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson's TSU7500 PCF
This is my small home setup. I also have some currently unused components in the system. I have used many preconfigured screens from this website, so a big THANK YOU to everyone else's contributions. I am sorry I can not remember who I borrowed from.
Updated: November 06, 2007  Size: 595kb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Don Wostmann
Simple and Elegant Home Theater Control
Mix of custom and downloaded images from other files found on Remote Central. I designed this system to be very easy to learn and use for anyone visiting our theater. The driving factor was to make it as easy as possible for my wife to use when I'm not home. Two of the items I really like are the homepage, which happens to be a picture of the entrance to my home theater and the series of macros that are built into many of the options. All in all, I've been very pleased with this setup and have been using it for over 3 years now. I did a recent refresh of the channel logos and type to ensure it's all similar in look and feel.
Updated: April 01, 2007  Size: 1.44mb

For: Philips Pronto NG
By: Brian Wells
Brian Wells' PCF
This total system PCF will control all listed components and include several macros and channel icons.
Updated: January 20, 2006  Size: 162kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Scott R. Wolcott
Scott Wolcott's TSU7000
I have replaced my ProntoNEO with a TSU-7000 and have added considerably to the code pages. I have included all the codes I could find for all the devices. The layout is nothing fancy, I spent more time on the codes and unseen aspects and I am submitting this more for the codes than the layout. I want to thank all the people for the files I have used to make my file. Especially the TiVo buttons! Includes an Excel sheet with all hex codes.
Updated: August 01, 2005  Size: 1.82mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Ryan Wright
Ryan Wright's System Setup
First, a special thanks to Andre' du Frense for the exceptional graphics in Retro Gold and Unimod as well as Scott Harris for the DirecTV channel Logos. I set up my activity based configuration file for as little jumping back and forth as possible.
Updated: December 26, 2004  Size: 2.04mb

For: Marantz RC9500
By: Brian Walker
Brian Walker's Original PCF
The graphics in this PCF are 98% original and are clean and simple, but effective. The overall layout is activity based and designed for ease of use. If you would like the original Photoshop files to mod for your own system, please e-mail me.
Updated: December 24, 2004  Size: 721kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Rona Wittner
Contest Entry #21: Seashells
With this file I wanted to demonstrate the usage of animations. The theme that is chosen is based on the seashore. Four types of shells are used to represent the four devices TV, VCR, DVD and Amp. They are presented right away on the home page.

  • All devices have their own sea shore background. The buttons on each device are small versions of the shells to get a uniform look and feel. The top bar shows the other devices for quick selection.
  • The animations are implemented as macros (in hidden devices) with a series of page jumps. The following animations are included:
    - When a shell is selected on the home page this one becomes enlarged on the background. The others move to their place in the top bar.
    - In a device page press the Home hardkey and the same animation is played backwards.
    - In a device page select another device from the top bar and this one becomes the center. This is not a separate animation. Instead it just executes the Home macro and then the device selection macro from the home page.
    - There is a fifth animation, but that one you have to find for yourself!
  • Background bitmaps are created from photographic material found on the internet and... (more)
  • Updated: March 11, 2004  Size: 10.10mb

    For: Philips Pronto NG
    By: Russ Waters
    Russ Waters's Simple PCF
    A simple PCF which focuses only on the buttons I use all the time. I kept it this way for my bride. I'm real pleased with how it all works... simple, simple, simple! I borrowed these mostly from CCF files on Remote Central, so I don't get all the shades of gray from the TSU3000. Hope you find it helpful. Let me know!
    Updated: July 31, 2003  Size: 135kb

    For: Philips Pronto NG
    By: Dennis Wilkinson
    Dennis Wilkinson's Complete System
    This is my first complete system PCF. It's a hybrid of an activity-oriented design and a device-oriented one, and all the graphics and bitmaps are my own, and are intentionally pretty simple looking. I tried to design this such that there was only one page per device, with the most-frequently used buttons assigned to the hard buttons.
    Updated: July 28, 2003  Size: 466kb
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