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Bose IR Code Generator
For: All Models
By: Anonymous
Excel-based IR Hex code generator for use with the Pronto, as provided by Bose for the V30 system.
Updated: December 30, 2009  Size: 59kb
CCF Panels
For: All Models
By: Jeroen Sonnemans
AKA IR Panels. A simple tool that can be helpful when using ProntoUtil to generate several codes to test. Select all the codes you generated in ProntoUtil and drag/drop (or copy/paste) them in the IR Codes TextBox in the CCF Panels app. Select Generate CCF and a file called "IRCodesCreate.CCF" will be generated. This file should hold all the IR codes you created with ProntoUtil. A few bugs may remain.
Updated: June 27, 1999  Size: 1.60mb
For: All Models
By: John Fine
Decodes all learned infrared codes in a CCF file and gives you information on the protocol, device number, command number, and so on. Requires the DecodeIR.DLL file, available separately.
Updated: January 03, 2007  Size: 39kb
For: All Models
By: John Fine
File required by DecodeCCF and IR Tool Modified.
Updated: December 08, 2007  Size: 94kb
Denon Pronto Hex Generator
For: All Models
By: Robert Wilson
v2.01 Program to generate Pronto Hex Codes from the Kaseikyo and Sharp binary codes provided by Denon.
Updated: May 26, 2008  Size: 163kb
For: All Models
By: Barry Gordon
v11.0R0 This is the latest version of GENIRDB, a program that builds Pronto Databases or text files to cut and paste into the Pronto or ProntoPro IR code hex windows. It provides output in format for the Pronto,prontoPro, Nirvis Slinke, and the ADI Ocelot. A device library is included and input to expand the library is always welcome. It operates from an English language description (Device library) of the actual IR protocol and the device/key codes of a physical component. It therefore generates perfect IR sequences.
Updated: August 19, 2001  Size: 3.56mb
For: All Models
By: Yserd
Generate a CCF file from files created with MakeHex.
Updated: October 25, 2005  Size: 121kb
HomeEasy RF Codes for MakeHex
For: All Models
By: Rick Hunt
This HEasy.irp used with MakeHex can generate 256 RF device codes usable with the Byron and HomeEasy products marketed in the UK (except the HomeEasy Elite range, which uses a different automatic protocol). Anything that can be operated with the HE200 Timer Remote will be OK. Sample codes groups A + B in the CCF file.
Updated: May 07, 2008  Size: 4kb
HomeVision to Pronto
For: All Models
By: Simplified Technologies
The HomeVision Native IR to Pronto Hex Code Converter generates selected HomeVision native infrared signals (NEC format) in Pronto format.
Updated: September 30, 2003  Size: 1.24mb
IR Tool
For: All Models
By: Robert Collins
v1.3 IRTool v1.3 is the original IRTool by Glenn Clapp and modified to also encode/decode Xantech IR-X10 IR commands. The entire Xantech IR-X10 command set can be decoded and encoded by this version of the tool.
Updated: January 19, 2006  Size: 85kb
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