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Sony SL-HF150
(Remote model RMT-231)
Designed for:
Philips Pronto TS-1000
Submitted by:
Adriaan van Nijendaal
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Part of a complete system CCF file.
Updated:February 16, 2004
This file is a part of the following system:

Adriaan van Nijendaal's System
This is a system CCF that I've used for a long time. Most bugs were corrected over time. This CCF is activity-oriented. The Pronto will ask you were you are (bedroom, living room) and then it will let you choose what you'd like to do. I have used discrete codes wherever I could. My Pronto does not play music, has no graphics. In fact, the screens are all legible even when the contrast setting is way off. I have no fancy buttons, just simple, functional, large rectangles that allow for a lot of text. The language used is Dutch, but that should be easy to fix. If you're having trouble finding the translations for your favorite language (on babelfish?), drop me a line. To facilitiate easy editing, I have put all IR codes in (hidden) screens, which are then accessed by aliases. This improves maintainability of the CCF greatly. This CCF should make a great source to rip IR codes for your particular device!
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