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TKNeoSuite and TKNeoConverter
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v1.2.1 TKNeoSuite contains tools to help you better manage an environment which uses both TSU500 and TSU501 remotes.

TKNeoConverter 1.2 (TKNeoConverter.exe)
The FreedomEdit software that ships with Boston Avidea A7RC/TSU501 remotes allows one to convert a configuration file created in NEOedit (for Philips ProntoNeo TSU500) for use in FreedomEdit so that it can be downloaded to a Boston Avidea A7RC/TSU501 remote. There are two problems with the built-in conversion:
  • All mappings for one of the hard buttons is lost in the conversion.
  • Conversion in the other direction (TSU501 to TSU500) is not possible, so once you have made changes in FreedomEdit, those changes cannot be transferred to a TSU500 remote again.

TKNeoConverter addresses these issues by providing an alternate conversion method supported by free tools.

TKNeoSuite 1.2 (TKNeoSuite.exe)
TKNeoSuite integrates the functionality of TKNeoConverter into FreedomEdit and also provides an option to set any device named "Home" as the start screen which appears when batteries are inserted or the Device key is pressed on the remote. It automatically performs actions which would ordinarily take a user several minutes to complete manually.

For example, if you select to set "Home" as start screen and download to a TSU500 remote, TKNeoSuite performs the following actions:

  • Saves the configuration from FreedomEdit
  • Opens the configuration in NeoSynch
  • Alters the item reference order
  • Saves the configuration
  • Converts the configuration to TSU500 format using TKNeoConverter
  • Starts NEOedit and opens the configuration
  • Starts download to TSU500 remote and waits until complete
  • Closes the configuration
  • Switches back to FreedomEdit

TKNeoSuite has the following requirements:

  • FreedomEdit installed to default program directory
  • NEOedit installed to default program directory (only if you download to a TSU500)
  • Windows 2000 or XP (not tested on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or any other version of Windows, though it may still work)

TKNeoConverter and TKNeoSuite were written for my personal use and I am providing them for free in the hopes that they will benefit someone. The source code (in AutoIt 3 format) is included and may be modified and distributed as you wish, but no warranty is provided.
Updated:August 01, 2010
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