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Designed for:
URC Complete Control MX-3000
Submitted by:
Robbie Clark
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Contest Entry # 1: Test Patternz
Grand Prize Winner! (Part 1 of 3)
What makes my design unique? Well as a Crestron GUI developer, I pride myself on ‘ease-of-use’ being the foremost factor in creating a new design with ‘fun’ being a close second. I believe this entry reflects that. You will notice that all macros (TV, DVD, VCR, and OFF) are available on every page and in the same place, so there is little ‘hunting around’ when ready to turn the system on. Since all devices used have discrete or ‘anchored’ codes to turn them on or off, there is no need for an ‘ON’ button anywhere, just press the option you’d like to enjoy and the remote does the rest. This lends itself well to the already easy to use MX3000 which always has volume, channel, and other such buttons conveniently always in the same place.

After you select a macro you will notice the two dancing fellows telling you to please stand by. This helps the customer understand that the remote is ‘busy’ and the option will soon be displayed. This page also serves people who might be using ‘line of sight’ IR directly from the MX3000…this page essentially tells you how long to hold the remote pointed at the equipment.

Please notice that the user is not burdened with page after page of buttons to perform every function ever implemented on their equipment. As a design house, our philosophy is to give them an enjoyable experience first, hence, as few confusing buttons as possible to perform the functions they are going need 99% of the time (there’s still a drawer full of remotes if you really need to perform an ‘index search’ on your VCR or whatever). As a contest entry, I wanted this remote to reflect that philosophy.

And also please notice that there is a ‘setup’ page available for each device with simple ‘screen size’ and ‘DSP mode’ buttons for the user to adjust if necessary. There is also an ‘advanced’ section which is only accessible by entering a 3 digit passcode. The code to enter the Advanced pages is 911

The advanced section allows you to adjust the TV set using it’s own O.S.D. as well as ‘hot key’ to the pages that contain all TV and RECIEVER codes (these functions may be needed by an installer at the time of installation and then may never get used again). I have also included a block diagram of this particular system in the advanced section.

All graphics and sounds were selected and/or created to illicit a 50’s groovy loungy feel, which I believe is very fun and sophisticated. The overall majority were created by me except for the Indian Head logo (animation was done by me however) and the music that plays when macros are selected. All other bitmaps, animated gifs, and sound effects were created by myself over a roughly 30 hour period.

There are also a few easter eggs to find…nothing fancy, just fun…ENJOY!

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