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What's new for Friday December 19, 2003...
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PoGo! TSR/500
TSR/500: Click to enlarge.
A pair of new PoGos...
PoGo! Products, best known for their range of MP3 players, has recently jumped into the remote control market with a pair of new introductions. First up is the $179.99 TSR/500, an LCD touchscreen-based remote loaded with high-end features. The TSR/500 is capable of controlling up to 15 devices, including TVs, DVDs, VCRs, DSS receivers, cable boxes, PVRs and surround receivers, via either its built-in code database or by learning codes off of the factory original remotes.

The TSR/500 includes a special “MyPick” feature where users can access customized pages – up to 6 different family members can customize 4 pages of data with 8 functions, each on 4 levels (if that sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry, it is). Other features include a blue backlit LCD screen and device selection keys, 5-way menu joystick, macros, punchthroughs, LCD-based buttons that can be edited right on the remote, and a compact handheld design.

PoGo! TSR/500
VRC-400: Click to enlarge.
The second remote control from the folks at PoGo! Products is the $49.99 VRC-400 – a voice activated model with 53 hard buttons. The VRC-400 controls 4 components, including cable boxes, DSS receivers, televisions, VCRs, DVD players and audio equipment. It can store up to 80 voice commands – that’s up to 4 users with 20 commands each. Voice commands can be mapped to any hard button, and even macro keys. Other features include backlit device buttons, a preprogrammed code database, punchthroughs, “multi-string macros” that send out different button sequences on subsequent commands, plus a remote stand for voice activation while not holding the remote. “Show me the Oprah!”
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Innotech Accenda
Accenda: Click to enlarge.
Voice feedback remote...
Continuing the “voice activated” remote control theme, Innotech Systems has recently introduced the $79.99 Accenda remote control, which offers the option of hands-free voice operation, or standard handheld “push a button” operation. Voice features include the capability of assigning up to 50 voice commands to function buttons or macro buttons, a voice-feedback aid that tells users which button they’ve pressed, and a 9-second memo recorder.

On the remote control side, the Accenda includes a preprogrammed code database with nearly 1,000 codes, specially sculpted backlit high-contrast buttons for easy recognition, a flip-down panel at the bottom to hid less used functions, side-mounted volume and channel buttons, macros and punchthroughs. The Accenda also includes rechargeable batteries and a recharging cradle. Although designed with special-needs users in mind, the Accenda could also make a great conversation piece.
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Future TSU3000 updates...
Philips has posted a message in the Pronto NG Forum discribing what new and improved items can be expected for the TSU3000 early next year, which include:

  • Better button response time
  • Faster macros
  • Side buttons (Volume, Channel, Mute) will not activate LCD
  • Improved contrast & smaller contrast settings
  • Timers
  • Multi-line text labels

    To read the full post, click here.

    This news report was updated on May 18, 2006.