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What's new for Thursday October 19, 2000...
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Universal Remote Control Inc., makers of the Home Theater Master MX-1000 remote control (as reviewed here), have announced a new economical learning model – the MX-500. Expected to be available at a suggested retail price of $179 this coming December, it looks like something of a cross between the Marantz RC2000 and their own MX-1000. Here are the full specifications:

Home Theater Master MX-1000
MX-500: Click to enlarge.
Controls 10 devices: Audio, Satellite, CATV, TV, VCR, DVD, LD, Tuner, CD and Aux.

23 LCD screens with customizable text: Each device has two LCD pages (for a total of 20 LCD labeled buttons per device). Plus, a further two pages are reserved for favorite channel macros, while the final page is the main menu.

Customize the LCD screen: Each LCD page contains 10 buttons, all of which have editable 5-character labels.

Favorite channel buttons: Create up to 20 favorite channel macros for your most frequently watched television stations. A dedicated button on the remote instantly switches you to this section.

Ergonomic design: The ergonomic physical design of the remote and strategically located buttons, complete with discrete power buttons and dedicated menu and transport controls, make it a pleasure to use. The remote control features a total of 50 buttons, with 7 of them dedicated to remote operation and system-wide macros. When combined with the second LCD page, this means that each device can contain a total of 53 functions.

Macro operations: Three main system macros may transmit up to 14 commands each. Twenty favorite channel macros can send up to four commands, while 10 device buttons can be programmed to send "power on" and "audio input" commands.

Punch-through operations: Volume, channel and transport controls can be punched through from one device to another.

Easy to program: All A/V components are configured with three digit code numbers. The built-in code library contains over 1000 A/V codes and can operate practically all audio, video and home automation components on the market. Teaching the remote other infrared commands and customizing the LCD text is completely intuitive.

Learning: Up to 530 functions can be taught from your original remote controls.

Backlit: Bright "EL" illumination for the LCD screen and all hard buttons.

Memory backup: Backup system prevents memory loss even when the remote has no power for several months.

LCD screen (WxH): 1.4 x 2.1".

Dimensions (HxWxD): 9.1 x 3.0 x 1.3, weighs 7.5oz with batteries.

Power: Requires 4 AAA batteries, included.

List price: $179
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This news report was updated on May 18, 2006.