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September 2000's Contest Winners
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Results for the September 2000 "Win a Denon Aktis Remote, Toshiba DVD Player, Tara Labs Interconnects or 2.4GHz Video Transmitter!" Contest

93% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Skill Tester:
Joe, an audio/video installer, recently moved into a new house. Mysteriously, an unconnected wire protruded from one corner of the home, but didnít seem to do anything. Being a curious fellow, Joe decided to trace the cable and find out where it led. Help Joe through the maze! Which room does it lead to?

A) Bedroom (4%)
B) Family Room (3%)
C) Kitchen (93%)

The Winners!
Drum roll, please! Remote Central and are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

Denon Aktis RC-8000 Itís rumored around here that if we didnít have at least one remote control to give away each month the universe would implode. So rather than risk wiping out civilization, S. L. from New Hampshire, USA, has won the grand prize -- a Denon Aktis touchscreen remote. As one of the latest products to enter the theater control scene, the Aktis learning remote looks poised to carve itself a good-sized niche in the market. Since you know we wouldnít give away just half a prize, in addition to the $449 MSRP base remote we're also including the $179 basestation which doubles as both a battery recharging depot and RF relay. Total value? Over $600 USD.

Toshiba SD-1200 DVD Player Next on the roster is something that is fast becoming a necessity. With over nine million stand-alone DVD players sold, the digital format is here to stay. Now, A. C. from Alberta, Canada, can keep up with technology because he's won the $299 Toshiba SD-1200, a leading-edge fifth-generation player. It has advanced features such as component video output, 10-bit 27MHz video DAC, Dolby Digital and DTS digital audio output, Virtual Surround Sound, picture zoom, multiple slow and fast-forward speeds, VCD playback plus, of course, a full-function remote control.

Tara Labs Interconnects Are you still using the low-end interconnects that came with your equipment? No good can come from pumping DVD-quality audio and video through cables barely up to telegraph specifications. R. B. from Texax, USA, won't have to any more! He's won an array of super-high-quality cables from Tara Labs. The package consists of a Prism SV-2 two meter S-Video cable, a Prism D-2 Digital one meter digital audio cable, a Prism Video-i one-point-five meter RCA video cable, two Prism 33-i one meter RCA audio cables and, finally, a Prism Optical Reference one meter long digital optical cable. That's over $500 worth of cables!

Wavecom Senior So your home theater is downstairs, along with your DVD player, VCR and satellite receiver. But youíre upstairs and want to watch a movie Ė what can you do? Well, now you'll be able to transmit audio and video wirelessly with the $159 Wavecom Senior! It's a 2.4 gigahertz stereo audio and video broadcaster than can transmit up to 300 feet in distance, with a built-in remote control extender.

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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