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January - March 2003's Contest Winners
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Results for January/February/March 2003's "win a Home Theater Master MX-500 remote control, a Guide Remote control, 1 of 2 Weemote Sr. remotes, a HomeTech HT3 in-wall speaker, an Acoustic Research TDS202, a JVC RC-BX33, or 1 of 4 Oregon Scientific travel alarms" contest!

53.8% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing question.

Puzzle Solution!
What does “SPDIF” Stand for?

A) Sony Propriety Digital Interchange Format (15.4%)
B) Samsung Panasonic Digital Interconnect Function (1.5%)
C) Sony Philips Digital InterFace (53.8%)
D) Sound Producing Digital Interoperating Frequency(22.2%)
E) Standard Pioneer Digital Integrated Feature (4.6%)
F) Some People Don’t Identify Formats (2.5%)

The Winners!
Drum roll, please! Remote Central and AVSMARTS.COM are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

Home Theater Master MX-500 Universal Remote Control Inc.'s $189 Home Theater Master MX-500 is currently one of the hottest remote controls! The MX-500 is a 10-device all-hard button remote with an LCD screen that contains two pages of customizable labels for 10 hard buttons - each device on the MX-500 can have up to 53 functions! It also features a 5-way joystick, built-in code library, full learning on every key, plenty of macros, a favorite channel section and great backlighting. Sound interesting? Check out our review of this remote for all the exciting details, or visit the forum to talk with others. (WINNER: P. C. from Colorado, USA!)

Evolve Guide Remote The $179 Evolve Guide Remote RD5000 is the ultimate accessory item to the professional channel surfer. Why? It includes a free TV guide, complete with detailed program descriptions! No longer will you be left wondering... “what’s on?”. Other tantalizing features include control of up to 16 devices with preprogrammed codes, television program and personal reminders, plus a backlit LCD screen. Eager for more information on this remote? Check out our full-length review! (WINNER: L. K. from California, USA!)

Weemote Sr. Everyone's favorite "simple" remote control returns in a brand new format. The $24.95 USD MSRP Fobis Technologies Weemote Sr. takes Fobis' success at creating remotes designed for childern and applies it to the seniors market. The easy-to-operate Weemote Sr. features only eleven buttons, five of which are direct access macros to favorite channels. In addition, the channel up/down keys can be programmed to only include channels of interest. The Weemote Sr. comes in a dark gray finish and we're giving away two of them! Be sure to check out our full review of all three Weemote models. (WINNERS: E. P. from Pennsylvania, USA; B. M. from W. V., USA!)

  • A HomeTech HT3 in-wall speaker, complete with volume control, valued at $130! (WINNER: D. J. from Virginia, USA!)
  • An Acoustic Research TDS202 "True Dimensional Sound" 2-channel audio enhancement unit, valued at $120! (WINNER: G. H. from California, USA!)
  • A JVC RC-BX33 boom box with CD player, tape deck, AM/FM radio and CD remote, valued at $60! (WINNER: J. K. from Florida, USA!)
  • One of two Oregon Scientific RM982A Alarm Clocks with auto-clock set, valued at $20 each! (WINNERS: C. B. from Tennessee, USA; K. K. from Georgia, USA!)
  • An Oregon Scientific AS316NE Travel Alarm Clock with "nightfinder" function, valued at $20! (WINNER: R. L. from Hawaii, USA!)
  • An Oregon Scientific RM981A Alarm Clock with auto-clock set, valued at $17! (WINNER: B. L. from Saskatchewan, Canada!)

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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