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August 2002's Contest Winners
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Results for August 2002's "win a Garmin GPS, Evolve Guide Remote, pair of Kenwood 2-way radios, Crisp Solutions UC-626 remote, Hot Link Pro, Sony RM-VL1000 remote, or 1 of 8 Zenith remotes" contest!

27.2% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Puzzle Solution!
Tim’s programming a macro for his remote control and is trying to figure out the quickest way to arrange the commands. Using the data provided below, build the quickest macro sequence – inserting additional delays if necessary – and fill in how long it will take to run in the box below.

Operational notes:

  1. The remote takes 0.5 seconds to finish transmitting a code and be ready to send the next.
  2. The television cannot receive a command for 4.0 seconds after powering on.
  3. The amplifier cannot receive a command for 1.5 seconds after powering on.
  4. The last command should start the movie playing.
Commands to add:

AMP: Power On
AMP: DVD Input
AMP: DTS Audio
DVD: Power On
DVD: Disc 5
DVD: Play
Lights: Zone 1 On
Lights: Zone 2 On
TV: Power On
TV: Component Input
TV: Widescreen Aspect


6.0 seconds

6.0 seconds (27.2%)... Other popular answers: 5.0 (25.8%), 5.5 (15.0%), 10.0 (8.2%), 11.0 (6.1%)

The Winners!
Drum roll, please! Remote Central and AVSMARTS.COM are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

Garmin eMap Ever get lost? Even if you never have, our grand prize this month will make sure that you’ll always know where you’re going. The $249 Garmin eMap handheld GPS unit is compact and always ready to go, measuring just 2.4” by 5.5” by 0.8” and weighing only 6.7 ounces. The eMap is a 12 parallel channel receiver with an extra-large display and built-in maps for North and South America including state and country boundaries, lakes, rivers, streams, airports, cities, towns, coastlines and (in the U.S.), state and interstate highways. Always know what’s around the next hill! (WINNER: D. A. from Pennsylvania, USA!)

Evolve Guide Remote The $199 Evolve Guide Remote RD5000M is the ultimate accessory item to the professional channel surfer. Why? It includes a free TV guide, complete with detailed program descriptions! No longer will you be left wondering... “what’s on?”. Other tantalizing features include control of up to 16 devices with preprogrammed codes, 32 macros, television program and personal reminders, plus a backlit LCD screen. Eager for more information on this remote? Check out our full-length review! (WINNER: K. M. from California, USA!)

Kenwood UBZ-GR14MBK One of the hottest new items on the market are two-way radios. Handy out in the wilderness, during trade shows or just as a way to save cell phone bills, these compact devices are always ready to go. This month we're giving away a pair of Kenwood UBZ-GR14MBK radios, in blue, worth a total of $179. These FM 2-way radios sport 14 channels, 38 privacy codes, have a large backlit LCD screen, flexible antenna and much more! (WINNER: R. M. from Virginia, USA!)

UCommand SRC-2010 You could also win a $169 Crisp Solutions UCommand 626 touchscreen remote! The UC-626 is a hot 10-device learning remote control that features editable LCD buttons - add, remove, resize, move, relabel right on the remote - light sensor, hard button controls, macros, timers and a lot more! Plus its intuitive design makes programming simple, or download the PC software for even more control. The updated UC-626 no longer requires a docking station to connect to a PC and includes USB connections! Read our review of the very similar UCommand 616 for more information. (Actual prize is silver in color.) (WINNER: M. G. from Tennessee, USA!)

Hot Link Pro The $109 Hot Link Pro is an all-in-one IR distribution system. It allows the use of equipment behind opaque doors or inside of a closet. A new slimline sensor detects your IR remote's signals and rebroadcasts it through six tiny IR transmitters. Features a talk-back LED which confirms the reception of IR commands. The IR sensor is attached to a 3 foot cable leading to the repeater, which then has 7 foot ribbon cable with the IR emitters. Includes power adaptor. Gain the freedom to place your equipment where you want! (WINNER: E. W. from Alberta, Canada!)

Sony RM-VL1000 As Sony's second-highest remote control, the $99 RM-VL1000 is one of the best values on the market. You see, it can control up to 12 devices. It has 24 macros with 32 steps each. Full code learning with nearly unlimited memory. An LCD screen with customizable button labels. A built-in 5-way menu joystick. What more could you ask for? (WINNER: L. Z. from Ontario, Canada!)

Zenith ZEN-425 So you need a simple remote control for the bedroom, kitchen or den? Then the $19 Zenith ZEN-425 just may be the perfect fit. This 4-device preprogrammed remote can operate TV, VCR, cable boxes and CD players and will also control most on-screen menu systems. The ZEN-425 includes a glow-in-the-dark keypad, code search and non-volatile memory. Prize differs from photo: it's green. But what's best, we're giving away 8 of these! (WINNERS: K. B. from Massachusetts, USA; B. R. from Wisconsin, USA; B. N. from Florida, USA; J. C. from Maine, USA; M. H. from North Carolina, USA; B. V. from California, USA; L. J. from Michigan, USA; R. M. from Illinois, USA!)

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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