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January 2002's Contest Winners
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Results for the January 2002 "win one of three Easy Zapper Harmony remotes, one of two HTM MX-500 remotes, an RCA RCU810 remote, a Proton SRC2000 remote or one of two Weemotes" contest!

33.2% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Puzzle Answer!
Time to test your general knowledge of the Pronto! Which of the following four statements is false?

A) (30.9%)  The Philips Pronto RU940 has more user memory than the Philips Pronto TSU2000.
B) (14.8%)  The Marantz RC5200 has less user memory than the Marantz RC5000i.
C) (33.2%)  The Onkyo CHAD USR-5RF has less user memory than the Yamaha RAV-2000.
D) (21.1%)  The Marantz RC9200 has more user memory than the Philips ProntoPro.

The clue for this contest is the phrase user memory -- not total memory. As per information available in the FAQ, here is the complete solution.

A)  The RU940 has 1404kb memory, while the TSU2000 has 940kb. Thus this statement is TRUE.
B)  The RC5200 has 1220kb memory, while the RC5000i has 1404kb. Thus this statement is TRUE.
C)  The CHAD has 697kb memory, while the RAV-2000 has 444kb. Thus this statement is FALSE.
D)  The RC9200 has 6900kb memory, while the ProntoPro has 6144kb. Thus this statement is TRUE.

The Winners!
Drum roll, please! Remote Central and AVSMARTS.COM are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

Easy Zapper Harmony As one of the latest remote controls on the marketplace, the $199 Easy Zapper Harmony is a truly innovative product. Sporting a USB port, the Harmony is fully internet connected. What's more, you get an on-remote TV guide with "scroll and click" channel surfing, code learning capabilities, deluxe system automation macros, a compact handheld design and much more. For more information on this product, hop on over to Remote Central's Harmony chat forum. (WINNERS: V. V. from California, USA; E. P. from Washington, USA & S. C. from Utah, USA!)

Home Theater Master MX-500 Universal Remote Control Inc.'s $189 Home Theater Master MX-500 proved to be one of the hottest new remote controls of 2001! The MX-500 is a 10-device all-hard button remote with an LCD screen that contains two pages of customizable labels for 10 hard buttons - each device on the MX-500 can have up to 53 functions! It also features a 5-way joystick, built-in code library, full learning on every key, plenty of macros, a favorite channel section and great backlighting. Sound interesting? Check out our review of this remote for all the exciting details, or visit the forum to talk with others. (WINNERS: G. F. from New Brunswick, Canada & R. F. from Tennessee, USA!)

Proton SRC2000 You could win a $175 Proton SRC2000 touchscreen remote! The SRC2000 is a hot 10-device learning remote control that features editable LCD buttons - add, remove, resize, move, relabel right on the remote - light sensor, hard button controls, macros, timers and a lot more! Plus it's simple to program with the intuitive design, or you can download the PC software for even more control. (WINNER: C. W. from NSW, Australia!)

RCA RCU810 Remote Control Looking for a really good remote? The $69.95 RCA RCU810 learning remote control has proven very popular with users - just check out the user reviews! The RCU810 provides full control of 8 devices and comes with an impressive 54 hard buttons - plus an LCD screen to let you know what's going on. The display and all hard buttons are backlit, plus you get macros, a sleep timer, a clock and much more! (WINNER: S. M. from Texas, USA!)

Weemote Have children? Then you'll want to take a look at the innovative $24 Fobis Technologies Weemote kids' remote control. The Weemote is an easy-to-use, durable remote designed expressly for children ages 3 to 8 -- it features five favorite channel macros, parental control, a hidden setup panel and can operate your TV, cable box, or satellite receiver. But what's more, think of the Weemote as a perfect decoy for your expensive universal! Check our complete review for more information. (WINNERS: R. D. from Wisconsin, USA & B. D. from Illinois, USA!)

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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