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December 2001's Contest Winners
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Results for the December 2001 "win a Teac Dolby Digital Receiver, a Philips Pronto, 1 of 2 Wavecom-SRs, a Voice Recorder, 1 of 2 RCA RCU810 & RCU800MSL remotes or a Jumbo Remote" contest!

85.4% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Puzzle Answer!
It's time for an anagram! Rearrange the letters in the following two words to form a brand new two-word term, related to remote controls. Hint: the Philips ProntoPro has one!

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The Winners!

Drum roll, please! Remote Central and AVSMARTS.COM are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

Teac AG-D9320 Receiver If you're still living in a Dolby Pro Logic audio world, isn't it time you upgraded to the ultimate in sound? That's right - this month our grand prize is a $599.99 Teac AG-D9320 receiver with built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 decoders! Naturally, it's still capable of Dolby Pro Logic! This beast is capable of producing 100 watts into each of its 5 main channels, or 130 watts in stereo mode. It includes on-screen display, dual-input component video switching, 3 S-Video inputs, 24-bit 96kHz D/A audio converters, digital AM/FM tuner, 3 digital audio inputs, 6-channel preamp inputs and outputs, 4 video inputs and 4 audio inputs. But, what's best, if you enter this contest you could get it for free! (WINNER: T. K. from New Jersey, USA!)

Philips Pronto RU890 Our second-place prize this month is the $399.95 Philips Pronto RU890 touchscreen remote. The Philips Pronto has swept the remote control world by storm ever since it was released. With a high-resolution LCD touchscreen, nearly unlimited devices, macros and learned signals, the Pronto can control even the most complex of home theater systems. Pair it up with the ProntoEdit software package and you can add your own custom graphical user interface and share your configuration with others on the Internet! The 1mb RU890 is nearly identical to the TS-1000, the only difference being that it has a silver case. There's a lot more information on the Pronto available on Remote Central - be sure to check out our review of the TSU2000, Unofficial FAQ with common questions and answers, the active message forum or huge file archive. (WINNER: A. M. from Florida, USA!)

Wavecom Senior So your home theater is downstairs, along with your DVD player, VCR and satellite receiver. But you’re upstairs and want to watch a movie – what can you do? Well, now you'll be able to transmit audio and video wirelessly with the $149 Wavecom Senior. It's a 2.4 gigahertz stereo audio and video broadcaster than can transmit up to 300 feet in distance, with a built-in remote control extender. We're giving away 2 of these! (WINNERS: M. M. from California, USA & M. L. from California, USA!)

Sora MiVoice 701P Here's the ultimate device for recording meetings or dictation. The $129 Sora MiVoice 701P is an ultra-compact, pen-shaped digital voice recorder capable of storing up to 70 minutes of voices in EP, and 35 minutes in SP mode, spread out over up to 99 separate files. This innovative device has a small LCD screen for important information and, though it has a VOX/VOR mic built-in, can also record from external sources. (WINNER: R. K. from Hawaii, USA!)

RCA RCU810 Remote Control Looking for a really good remote? The $69.95 RCA RCU810 learning remote control has proven very popular with users - just check out the user reviews! The RCU810 provides full control of 8 devices and comes with an impressive 54 hard buttons - plus an LCD screen to let you know what's going on. The display and all hard buttons are backlit, plus you get macros, a sleep timer, a clock and much more! We're giving away 2 of these! (WINNERS: M. R. from Texas, USA & C. H. from Nova Scotia, Canada!)

RCA RCU800MSL Remote Control The new $39.95 RCA RCU800MSL universal remote control packs a lot into a compact, economical package. You get control of 6 devices, infrared code learning capabilities, an extensive built-in code database, TV Guide Plus and a sleep timer. The ergonomic case makes it easy to hold, while the 52 hard buttons provide plenty of control. We're giving away 2 of these! (WINNERS: M. S. from Illinois, USA & S. P. from Ontario, Canada!)

Telemania 6-Device Jumbo Here we have one of the largest remote controls ever made - the $49 Telemania 6-Device Jumbo. This gargantuan all-in-one remote features preprogrammed control of TV, VCR, Satellite, DVD, plus an auxiliary device. You also get auto code search, 5 custom programmable favorite channel keys, programmable macro key and setting retention during battery changes. Talk about a colossal clicker! (WINNER: T. A. from Indiana, USA!)

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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