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November 2001's Contest Winners
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Results for the November 2001 "win 1 of 4 UCommand 525s remote controls, 1 of 2 UCommand 616s or a UCommand 515, a Sima SVS-4 A/V switcher, a Home Logic UR-362 remote or a Casio wrist remote" contest!

46.9% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Question Answer!
As you have probably noticed, television sets in North America don't have a channel "1". Why is this the case?

A) Oh, it's there... you just can't see it. (18.3%)
B) The military requisitioned it during WW2. (17.9%)
C) Somebody goofed up! (1.1%)
D) It wasn't possible to receive it in 1939. (3.9%)
E) It was originally taken to expand FM radio. (46.9%)
F) For the same reason there's no 13th floor... (3.2%)
G) Its bandwidth was too limited for color TV. (8.1%)
H) Ross Perot patented it. (0.6%)

Bonus question:
(For a chance to win 1 of 3 T-Shirts!)

Including all brands, regional models and announced products, how many remotes are there based on the "Pronto" platform? Only count remotes with different model numbers.

A) 7 (31.8%)
B) 11 (40.2%)
C) 14 (12.2%)
     (15.8% did not answer.)

1.  Marantz RC3200
2.  Marantz RC5000
3.  Marantz RC5000i
4.  Marantz RC5200
5.  Marantz RC9200
6.  Onkyo CHAD USR-5RF
7.  Philips Pronto TS-1000   
8.  Philips Pronto RU890
9.  Philips Pronto TSU2000
10. Philips Pronto RU940
11. Philips ProntoPro TSU6000
12. Philips ProntoPro RU970
13. Philips ProntoNEO TSU500
14. Yamaha RAV-2000

The Winners! Drum roll, please! Remote Central and AVSMARTS.COM are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

UCommand 525 This November, you could win one of four $129 Crisp Solutions UC-525 remote controls! As the latest addition to the popular UCommand series of touchscreen learning remotes, the 8-device UC-525 upgrades the original touchscreen-only UC-515 with physical buttons for even better control. You get a large, blue-backlit touchscreen display with light sensor, macros on any button, high-quality construction and much more! Although we have not yet reviewed the UC-525 (soon!), you can read our review of the UC-515 or UC-616 remotes to get an idea of what this remote will be like. (WINNERS: C. C. from Illinois, USA; J. S. from Indiana, USA; R. D. from Michigan, USA; M. S. from Virginia, USA!)

UCommand 616 Not enough? Well, how about the chance to win one of two $199 Crisp Solutions UCommand 616 remote controls? The UC-616 is a hot 10-device learning touchscreen remote control featuring editable LCD buttons - add, remove, resize, move, relabel right on the remote - light sensor, hard button controls, macros, timers and a lot more! Plus it's simple to program with the intuitive design, or you can download Crisp's PC software for even more control. Want detailed information on this great remote control product? You'll want to check out our in-depth review! (WINNERS: J. P. from Florida, USA; M. M. from Massachusetts, USA!)

UCommand 515 For our next prize, we're giving away the $99 Crisp Solutions UCommand 515 remote control. The UC515 features a large, backlit LCD touchscreen display with light sensor, macros on any button, control of up to 8 components and much much more! But what's best is that the UCommand is so easy to program - and even easier to use. Be sure to read our full review of this remote for even more in-depth information. (WINNER: K. S. from California, USA!)

Sima SVS-4 S-Video Audio/Video Switcher You could walk away with the $149 SIMA SVS-4 remote controlled audio/video switcher. The SVS-4 allows you to switch between four different audio/video devices with S-Video connectors, and even upconvert composite signals to S-Video. (WINNER: J. L. from Manitoba, Canada!)

One For All URC-8600 The $99 Millennium Enterprises Home Logic UR371 features a unique 3-color backlit keypad for ease of use. The design allows users to quickly identify which keys are for what - for instance, device keys are red, numbers and common functions are orange, which the LCD display and directional pad are green. The HL-UR371 features a customizable, backlit LCD display that includes device name along with calendar information. In addition, users can customize the name of any device or key with a label up to 8 characters long. The HL-UR371 can learn up to 43 commands per device and includes 18 macros with 20 steps each. (WINNER: S. N. from Nebraska, USA!)

Casio CMD30B-1T Remote Control Watch Looking for remote control convenience to go? Look no further than Casio's $59 CMD30B-1T Wrist Remote! The Casio CMD30B-1T is a preprogrammed remote that features control of a TV, Cable Box or VCR's power, channel, volume and transport functions. Beyond the remote capabilities, you also get a stopwatch, auto calendar and alarm. (WINNER: P. N. from Buckinghamshire, UK!)

SkipDoctor Finally, do you have scratched, worn or otherwise unreliable CD or DVDs? The $29 DVD Doctor can help! This innovative device spins and polishes fingerprints, scratches and scrapes off of the disc's playing surface, restoring it to a usable condition. Don't toss that disc out yet! (WINNER: J. S. from Delaware, USA!)

The three winners of an official T-Shirt complements of Surge Protection Online are: B. S. from Colorado, USA; L. . from Ontario, Canada; L. A. from Rhode Island, USA!

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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