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September 2001's Contest Winners
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Results for the September 2001 "win a Home Theater Master MX-1000, Sony RM-AV2100, Crisp Solutions UCommand 525, Home Theater Master SL-9000, Jensen SC-595, Sony RM-VL700, or one of two Weemote 2's" contest!

94.8% of all entrants correctly answered the skill testing puzzle.

Puzzle Answer!
It's an RTI TheaterTouch T2 challenge! Starting from "GO!", follow the maze though to its end.

A) DVD (94.8%)   
B) TV (3.7%)
C) VCR (1.5%)

The Winners! Drum roll, please! Remote Central and AVSMARTS.COM are pleased to announce the following randomly selected winners:

Home Theater Master MX-1000 The $299.95 Universal Remote Control Home Theater Master MX-1000 features an outstanding physical design with a large backlit high-resolution LCD screen, joystick menu controls, plus backlit transport, channel and volume buttons. Features include control of 12 devices, 75 macros, plus punchthroughs. Fully learnable, the MX-1000 also packs in a preprogrammed code database for ease-of-configuration. You can add, move and relabel buttons right on the remote through the intuitive joystick. Couple the remote with the special "MX-1000 Operating Program" PC software and you can customize it with your own buttons, layouts and easily entered text labels. Would you like more information on this great remote? Read our full review or join the Home Theater Master chat forum. (WINNER: O. P. from California, USA!)

Sony RM-AV2100 Need a really capable home theater remote? Then look no further than the Sony RM-AV2100. With its huge blue-backlit LCD touchscreen, capability to control up to 12 devices, 15 macros, full learning on every button, adjustable button macros and a host of other user-friendly features, the RM-AV2100 is one of the best remotes available for $179. Want even more information? Read our full review. (WINNER: A. V. from AR, Italy!)

UCommand 525 Our next prize, the $129 Crisp Solutions UC-525, is the latest addition to the popular UCommand series of touchscreen learning remote controls. The 8-device UC-525 upgrades the original touchscreen-only UC-515 with physical buttons for even better control. You get a large, blue-backlit touchscreen display with light sensor, macros on any button, high-quality construction and much more! Although we have not yet reviewed the UC-525 (soon!), you can read our review of the UC-515 or UC-616 remotes to get an idea of what this remote will be like. (WINNER: M. L. from Ohio, USA!)

Home Theater Master SL-9000 If you're looking for a hard-buttoned remote control with lots of clout, look no further than Universal Remote Control's $129 Home Theater Master SL-9000. With a total of 55 hard buttons, high-quality ergonomic design, code learning on every key, bright backlighting, macros, punchthroughs and more, the eight-device SL-9000 is up to almost any home theater system challenge. Looking for a little bit more information on the SL-9000? Check out our review or the Home Theater Master chat forum! (WINNER: C. T. from Texas, USA!)

Home Theater Master SL-9000 Need to control your home theater from another room or though a cabinet? Then the $59 Jensen SC-595 might just be the answer! This preprogrammed RF-to-IR remote control is capable of controlling 10 devices, including DVD players, DSS systems and receivers. The package comes with a separate RF basestation, allowing you to use the remote from up to 100 feet away from your system. Want more information? Check out our review! (WINNER: A. M. from Wisconsin, USA!)

Sony RM-VL700 As Sony's latest entry to the learning universal remote control market, the $39 RM-VL700 is a 5-device remote that is capable of capturing up to 180 infrared codes. It also includes a preprogrammed code database, full numerical keypad, transport control and 5-way menu sections, plus a great new thin and lightweight ergonomic design. Want to read more about this surprisingly capable remote? Check out our brand new review, or visit the Sony chat forum to talk with others. (WINNER: D. E. from Washington, USA!)

Weemote Have children? Then you'll want to take a look at the innovative Fobis Technologies Weemote 2 kids' remote control. The brand new $29 Weemote 2 is an easy-to-use, durable remote designed expressly for children ages 3 to 8 -- it features ten favorite channel macros, parental control, a hidden setup panel and can operate your TV, TV/VCR, cable box, PVR or satellite receiver. But what's more, think of the Weemote as a perfect decoy for your expensive universal! Check our complete review for more information on the original Weemote. We're giving away 2 of these! (WINNER: A. D. from New York, USA & D. L. from Virginia, USA!)

All winners have already been contacted by email and informed of their prizes.

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