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Part 8: RTI
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About this video...
Brett Stokke from RTI shows off the latest in control products, including the T3x handheld plus KX3 and KX10 wall-mount interfaces, Z-Wave dimmers, switches and modules, plus more!

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Thanks for sharing this amazing post .
I continue to be amazed by how far technology can go.
Video is working alright for me. Cool music too :)

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These products are great. I currently have the KX7 and the functionality is awesome. So simple to use.
Is it only me who finds the instrumental to be so catchy?!
This product is really great, I will be implementing the video intercom asap! the 7inch seems ideal!
Fixed on my end (right click / video settings) ... thanks for the help, Daniel. Watching all of the videos now. Keep up the great work.
Are you sure? All versions are working fine for me in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
This video is very messed up on every resolution... you may want to check this.

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