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User reviews for the RCA RCU810 from RCA.
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Average: 3.95/5.00
Median: 4.33/5.00
The RCU810 is a learning and preprogrammed remote control. It features control of 8 devices, 54 buttons with backlighting, an LCD screen, macro keys, plus a sleep timer & clock.

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Written by Richard from Ontario, Canada.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 83 made on Saturday January 11, 2003 at 12:57 AM.
Strengths:Easy to setup. IR Learning is very easy to do. Very Reasonable Price. Macros.
Weaknesses:Slight buzz when back light is on. Limited memory for learned functions.
Review:This is an excellent remote control. It took less than 30 minutes to get most of the functions to work.

Digital Cable: Motorola
VCR: Panasonic
DVD: Sony
TV: Panasonic
Mini Stereo Unit: Panasonic

Most of the basic functions worked with the codes supplied. It took a little bit of figuring out which setting and code to use for the mini stereo. The other components were a breeze!!!

The only function for the Digital Cable box that wasn't already present was a 'favorite' button. This was easily added.

The mini stereo unit would only turn on and off with the preset code. I had to use the IR Learning function for Tuner, CD, Tape and AUX selection as well as play, rev, ff and stop. This took up most of the memory on the unit for learned keys.

Macros are easy to program. With one button, I can turn on my cable box, mini stereo and TV as well as set the TV to channel 3 for the cable box to work.

Overall ... Recommended!!
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by steve from AL.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 82 made on Saturday December 7, 2002 at 11:26 PM.
Strengths:Ergonomic, backlit, & programmable.
Weaknesses:Wish it handled more component-specific functions (input modes, etc...) Maybe it does and I just haven't found them. I only got it this afternoon.
Review:After 2 beers and a session with the manual, I now have a remote that lets me (my wife actually) push one button to have the tv, dvd, and receiver power up in sequence and set themselves to the correct modes/channels for watching a surround sound movie. One more button turns everything off.
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Written by Chris from Kentucky, USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 81 made on Saturday December 7, 2002 at 5:43 PM.
Strengths:Backlit, nice blue light
Weaknesses:It doesn't work. Incapable of "learning" any keys....AT ALL, ZERO, NADA.
Review:Wasted 3 hours on this hunk of junk, finally went back to bestbuy and bought a Sony for the same price and it worked instantly with learning keys, etc. What a JOKE. This product is defective, it does not work unless you have the pre-programmed components. The instructions are horribly incomplete.

Interesting that the manual says it can learn "a small number" of other button/keys. Just how small? Do they not even know the functionality of their own remote? They know it doesn't learn a damn thing and come up with that BS to put in the manual.

Stay away.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by KARL from houston, tx.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-2 years.
Review 80 made on Tuesday November 12, 2002 at 6:22 PM.
Strengths:Versatile & cheap!
Weaknesses:Not enough learning memory for advanced users.
Review:This remote handled my more than bizarre setup:

RCA TV: no learning
ReplayTV: some learning
Panasonic VCR: some leanring
CABLE BOX: no learning
X10: no learning
AIWA Receiver: some learning
GE DVD: no learning
Computer: Full learning

As noted above, I used the SAT button to fully learn a pile of buttons off my wireless keyboard, to have partial control over the computer (cool, since I use the TV as monitor). I did run out of learnable memory, but only after teaching it 99% of the things I do often.

I believe RCA sells an 810 and 810A, though most people don't distinguish between them. The A has the bug fixes, I believe, cause I've only had it get stuck once - and it just required a good smack to clear up.

More macros would be nice, especially on the POWER and/or device buttons. Unfortunately, I had to get a new DVD player, and its not supported, so I may need to step up to the All 4 One URC 8910.
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Written by Michael Collins from Florida.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 79 made on Friday November 8, 2002 at 12:30 AM.
Strengths:Key layout and backlight very good. Programmable functions were good.
Weaknesses:Preporgrammed codes would only turn new Phillips tv on/off change channels. Had to program two buttons to turn on and off pip/swap/input functions. only one code for phillips tv. Carver code placed many functions on wrong buttons. carver tape deck codes no good. carver cd player code ok worked basic function. short on memory.
Lost memory when repalcing batteries.
Review:Probably could be a good remote for someone looking for one better than average at good price. The most irksome problem was in programming learned commands from from originals, washaving to push the clear button after pushing pip, move, input,. Returned to store and traded for ru1000 touchscreen which was worse. Traded that for sony RM-VL1000. Talk about a real project its going back too.
Turns out this was probably the best of three
I tried.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Bill Christman from Kansas.
The reviewer has used this remote control for more than two years.
Review 78 made on Tuesday November 5, 2002 at 9:38 PM.
Strengths:Easy to setup,easy to use,backlight that is controllable,right price,vast number of code sets, IR Learning mode, layout of keys. It's great!
Weaknesses:I too have been plauged with that nasty bug that resets the clock and switches to TV mode. Low battery warning comes on also (it's erratic) but unit seems to continue to function with the exception of that one glitch. I'm not sure if I have a real battery problem or not! This is the second unit that I've owned and both have the 'reset' problem. Of course neither unit started failing while in the warranty period but I liked the first so well I had to try another one hoping I would get one that worked. Silly Me! After spending almost $100 I can't see trying another one. Anyone know how to get the manufacture to address this plauge? Would there be a legal remedy? Seems like lots of others in the same boat.
Review:Wouldn't trade it for the world (unless RCA wanted to replace the first unit and reimburse me for the second. Heck I'd take a replacement if offered. The unit has replaced 5 seperate units. It automatically programmed those without my having to do it manually. Programming to turn all equipment on or off was a cinch. One of my favorite features is being able to lock the volume control on the audio reciever to the specific source. You never have to think about it again. This was my first move to a universal and I'm quite impressed (other than the annoying 'reset' bug'.
Quality: Features: Value:

Written by Mike Crawford from Illinois.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 77 made on Sunday October 6, 2002 at 11:13 PM.
Strengths:It has all the keys and features that the original remotes have. It completly replaces them.
Weaknesses:The first two units were plagued with the same reset problems that others had. The local Best Buy return guru let me check out a couple units until I got a good one. Thanks Jason, this one hasn't reset yet. He also tried the customer service number and it was for Thompson, not a competitor as mentioned elsewhere, but it wasn't any help either.

Also the display is hard to read unless it's backlight light is on.
Review:RCA needs to fix this problem unless it wants a lot of returns and loss of customer loyalty. The $50 price is excelent for a remote that can be configured to your needs. This is a great find as long as you can find a good one. I plan on using it to access menues of other TV's that have bargain replacement remotes.
Quality: Features: Value:

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Now viewing user reviews page 3 of 14 for
the RCA RCU810 remote.
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