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User reviews for the Take Control TC1000 from Harman/Kardon.
Take Control TC1000
RatingsReviewsMSRP (USD)
Average: 3.74/5.00
Median: 4.17/5.00
Designed in cooperation with Microsoft, the Take Control is an ergonomically designed unit featuring a large backlit LCD screen, a selector wheel for scrolling through channels and menu options and large volume buttons.
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the Take Control TC1000 remote.
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Written by carlos v. from washington d.c. .
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 20 made on Wednesday April 10, 2002 at 11:54 PM.
Strengths:1.cost...picked up for 100.00
2.programable with pc...just Great!!!
3.Wheel to control channel surfing!
4.Touch Screen
Weaknesses:1.Dim screen
2.kind of big,not for all hands
3.batteries power to low for display
Review:I bought this control because i was sick of having all those remotes on my coffee table. Great buy, lots of fun just changing channels. I dont have any problems programing the remote, great software. Over all i love the remote.
If you want to fix the screen dimmness, just remove two aa batteries and buy a 9volt battery. Hook up the 9volt to the postive and neg. of where the two aa were. BIG AND BRITE SCREEN, WHAT A DIFFERENCE. YOU'LL LOVE IT. Works like a charm!!! Have fun with your new remote.
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Written by eno from Tacoma, Washington.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 19 made on Wednesday April 10, 2002 at 2:17 AM.
Strengths:Easily learns functions, very easy to set up. The touchscreen isn't TOO sensitive like the Sony2100 that I sold to buy this one. All the buttons can be labeled. A wheel on it allows for quick selection in the menus.
Weaknesses:Little to dim on the backlight. I have not tried stronger batteries yet since I really have not needed to.
Review:I do not have experience in the high end models but I have owned the Sony RMV2100 before this and It just sat on my coffee table for a year. This TC1000 allows easy adjustments, activities, macros. Label everykey, and I love the wheel on it. Even though it is a bit slower to respond than my TV remote for channel surfing but I still love everything about this remote. I bought mine off ebay new for 74$ shipped. There probally is better out there but for under 100$ I would really like to see another remote try to compete.
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Written by Richard Katayama from CA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 18 made on Saturday February 23, 2002 at 10:33 PM.
Strengths:If it is the computerized programing I will never know because this unit never gets past 1st base.
Weaknesses:--the thumbwheel moves when pressed
--the visibility will make you go blind
--the screen sensitivity is never the same and like mentioned only works half of the time and usually slowly when it does
--the preprogramed codes are not only inaccurate but quite limited($20 units have better)
Review:I have tested and adjusted this unit for only 4 hours now and have come to the conclusion that the people who find these units ok must have the good ones and the ones who find these units terrible, like myself have the bad ones. I have tried every suggest mentioned here to remedy the critism here to no avail. My JBL/MICROSOFT unit makes just walking to tv almost the best option.
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Written by DAKn2 from Chicago, IL.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 17 made on Thursday February 7, 2002 at 9:24 AM.
Strengths:IR Strength (yes you read it correctly)
Learning ability
PC Software
Weaknesses:Locations of LCD buttons
Physically larger than most
I was looking for an all purpose remote for some time. Based on what I had read, I was leaning toward a Pronto or a Harmon Kardon/Microsoft Take Control, but the cost was stopping me in my tracks. When I came across the $97 Take Control Remote deal (through the Tech Bargains link - $102 shipped), I couldnít pass it up, especially since itís through Harmon Audio which has a 30 day return policy Ė so if it didnít cut the mustard, Iím just out the shipping.

Anyway, Iíve received it and have to say that I like it. At first I was extremely concerned about the cons listed on several posts at; I was prepared to swap out the IR LEDs, but the weak LCD fix (larger batteries with a major battery compartment modification) just seemed too messy. The unit I received was the JBL version and had already been upgraded to the version 1.5.065 software.

As for the complaintís Iíve read about, hereís my take on them Ė

∑Week IR - My sitting position is 23 feet away from all of my equipment, and all of my equipment is behind a set of smoked glass doors. The remote has absolutely no problem controlling my Dish Network satellite receiver, new HK A/V receiver (which, interestingly enough, the canned codes in the remote didnít work), Panasonic DVD player, Sony VCR or Mitsubishi projection TV. Granted I do need to point the remote in the direction of the equipment, but I had to with the remotes this replaced, so this is nothing new. Perhaps at a closer range you donít need to be directional, but Iím not at a closer range.
∑Dim LCD - The LCD is definitely nothing to brag about, but it is adequate; not the brightest display Iíve ever seen, and yes itíd be nice if it was indeed brighter, however itís easily on par with any of the three Palm PDAís that Iíve owned, and probably better than the m505 I have now. Itís adequate in daylighgt, and just plain
∑Button to transmit lag long - I honestly canít say that the ďlagĒ between pressing the remote LCD buttons is anything excessive, perhaps a Ĺ second delay at most. The scroll wheel has virtually no lag as far as I can tell; surfing is a breeze.
∑LCD screen timeout a pain Ė It can be, but then just set the time out option for a longer duration - Whatís the issue here?

Other comments -
The software is easy to understand (and it better be Ė there arenít any instructions (which Iíd just leave in the box anyway)), and the remoteís learning process is the best Iíve experienced and Iíve owned several ďlearningĒ remotes.

No it isnít a perfect unit, but unless you design one yourself, youíre not going to find one. Things that tend to be a pain:
∑I canít seem to customize the location (text yes, location no) of the buttons; if thereís a way to do this, Iíd like to know.
∑You do have to go through multiple screens to view all the buttons for a devices, but this is a problem with almost any display remote.
∑Itís definitely a physically larger remote; not uncomfortable in one hand, but something you need to get used to.

All in all it looks like itíll be a keeper.

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Written by Greg from Wisconsin.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 16 made on Sunday February 3, 2002 at 6:27 PM.
Strengths:1. Concept of activity based screens.
2. Roller wheel
3. Easy to program and customize.
4. Competitive pricing $118 (JBL model).
Weaknesses:1. Poor but usuable display.
2. Unable to customize button shapes.
Review:I researched extensivly on this website before asking for this remote as a Christmas gift, and I believe that I made the correct selection for my system.
Programming my many remotes was the easy part. Beacuse of the flexibility of the product when creating activity screens, that took a bit of time and is an ongoing process. The mechanics of customizing is easy and the software very intuitive.

I have a relatively complex multi-zone whole house system with two televisions, three recievers, Tivo, VCR, three CD players, DVD, and hardwired infrared (Niles) extender. The TC1000 handles all that I have dreamed up so far without compromise - with the exeption of my complaints listed above.

Some have remarked that the buttons are slow or unresponsive. At first I might have agreed, but after fiddling with the screen sensitivity, I rarely have a problem. This product prefers finesse to brute force, and there is a rhythm that one learns to operate the wheel and touchscreen most effectily. With the power of properly programmed activity screens and a little practice, this remote is very easy and intuitive to use. In fact, my wife learned how to use it with no instruction at all.

I have read that the TC1000 will soon be discontinued which is a shame unless HarmonKardon and Microsoft have an even better model to replace it.

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Written by Tof from France.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 1-3 months.
Review 15 made on Wednesday December 5, 2001 at 4:18 AM.
Review:I just got this one yesterday.
As lot of you said, it is great.
I just come here to give some solution to pb mentioned by some users.
Most of you says that they have pb to calibrate contracst and panel sensitivity. In fact I did like all of you and play a little bite with it to calibrate it, I then remark that it was working better before. So I think than in fact it is the utility that calibrate the panel which is not working correctly with my fingers... But it is not a pb if the initial calibration work well. My advice: do not calibrate your remote, it is working wonderfully by default and after... But if you did it, just remove the cover of bateries and press to "reset" (it will just reset the calibration, but not the configuration, you will keep all your device) and then you will get the original calibration.

Second think: some of you complain that when they press a button the action of the command is not immediate. To fix that, when you learn the command to your remote, be carrefull to not send a two long command that mean don't hold the touch(like it is requested), just do a short press. If the press is too short then the capture will failed, so just retry with a bit longer press...

Third think: some of you complain that when they press a button, they cannot press it a second time, they have to press before an other one. This is in fact due to the fact that the original remote does not send twice the same signal. When I press av on my tv => remote send signal av1 when I repress av => signal av2, av1,av2. But if I press av, vol+ (or any command),av then I have av1,vol+,av1. This in order that the dv does not do 2 av if I press to long the av. So the solution is to learn to your remote TakeControl the signal av by sending to it to signal (av + any signal on your original remote that has no impact), but be carfull those two signal have to be learn in only one command that mean that you have to press av quickly and just after (before the end of the capture of the command) press the other "dummy" command.

Last thing, some of you complain of the power of the remote, this is ok for me...

I hope this will help, best regards, Christophe.
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Written by TR from MD, USA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for 3-6 months.
Review 14 made on Thursday November 22, 2001 at 2:03 PM.
Strengths:Does about everything
Weaknesses:A little tricky to set up. Not the devices, they're easy. Getting the remote to react to finger touch and setting the contrast take a couple of tries to get right.
Review:I got it from Harman (the JBL version) for $118 + shipping. It was a really good deal. I actually like it. It works great now, and I don't notice the lag in selections that others have complained about. It did take a couple of "screen calibrations" to get the touch worked out, so if you're not getting the response you like, do this again. It is very easy to program, and the ability to customize everything with a PC is great! I think for the price this is a great deal, and I highly recommend it. For those who aren't getting the touch or response you like, try calibrating it again, as well as setting the contrast to a darker setting. Everyone with a home theatre should have one of these, especially at this price. (check out
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