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One For All Kameleon 8 URC-9960 Review
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One For All Kameleon 8 Lights up Retail Shelves in Summer 2003

UEI Kameleon Technology Powers New High-End One For All Home Controller

CYPRESS, Calif. - June 30, 2003 - Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (Nasdaq: UEIC) today announced that the company's revolutionary Kameleon™ technology has been selected to power the latest high-end home theater controller by One For All®, the leading brand in aftermarket universal remote controls worldwide. Kameleon is a revolutionary display technology that intelligently illuminates only the set of keys needed to control each entertainment device for unparalleled ease of use and superior home theater control.

The Easiest Remote to Set Up and Operate
Able to control up to eight home entertainment devices, the Kameleon 8 intelligently changes its display to adapt to any given entertainment environment, whether the user is listening to music, enjoying a home theater experience or simply watching television. The Kameleon 8 also offers control of such expanded home theater features as picture-in-picture (PIP) and personal/digital video recording (PVR/DVR) playback for all popular brands including TiVo and ReplayTV, and provides unparalleled control of set-top boxes integrated with these features. The Kameleon 8's "intelligent" illumination enables these additional functions without adding key clutter to the remote, making it intuitive and easy to use. To deliver an unmatched out-of-the-box experience for the user, UEI also created a setup process for the Kameleon 8 that is remarkably simple; a graphical menu-driven setup screen enables fast and easy configuration.

Advanced Home Theater Functionality
In addition to its dynamic, graphical display, the Kameleon 8 is loaded with advanced technology, including UEI's powerful home theater software for comprehensive code coverage of virtually any brand of consumer electronics device, upgradeability to provide ongoing coverage of new devices entering the market, macro capability for instant activation of favorite key sequences, and a learning mode to capture and reproduce device functions from original remote controls. The Kameleon 8's unique built-in home theater feature intelligently aggregates all the commands needed to control the various devices in a home theater system, so the user can effortlessly control each integrated component from one unified screen.

Unbeatable Value
Kameleon's vibrant backlighting provides a stunning display for optimal viewing, and animated graphics give immediate visual feedback. Combined with an elegant, slim-profile, ergonomic design and a power-conscious tilt-switch for automatic wake-up, the Kameleon 8 blends advanced functionality and modern design in a unique product that enhances the consumer entertainment experience. With a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $99, the Kameleon 8 provides an unmatched value compared with LCD touch-screens that cost more than $250.

"The Kameleon is a sleek, advanced, and easy-to-use remote that will be great for [home theater] enthusiasts and nonenthusiasts alike," said Phil Barry, merchandising buyer for Best Buy. "We are very excited about this product. Universal Electronics and One For All continue to innovate and differentiate the products offered in the consumer electronics accessories market."

"One For All continues to be a global leader in aftermarket sales of universal remote controls," said Rob Lilleness, president and chief operating officer of Universal Electronics. "UEI's Kameleon has proven to be a breakthrough product differentiator resulting in strong product sales, and we are thrilled to bring this winning formula to North America with One For All's Kameleon 8."

Available this summer, the One For All Kameleon 8 can be found at Best Buy, Circuit City, Good Guys, Fry's Electronics, Tweeter, Fred Meyer, QVC and other retail outlets in the United States. More information about UEI can be obtained at More information about One For All and its complete line of products is available at

About Universal Electronics
Universal Electronics Inc., based in Southern California, develops software, firmware and turnkey solutions designed to enable consumers to wirelessly connect, control and interact with an increasingly complex home environment. The company's primary markets include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in consumer electronics and personal computing, as well as multiple system operators in the cable and satellite subscription broadcasting markets. Over the past 15 years, the company has developed a broad portfolio of patented technologies and the industry's leading database of home connectivity software that it licenses to its customers, including many leading Fortune 500 companies. In addition, UEI sells its universal wireless control products and other audio/visual accessories through its European headquarters in the Netherlands to distributors and retailers in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia under the One For All® brand name. More information about UEI can be obtained at

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