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New Harmony SST-768 Photos
Plus Pronto updates and a big file area update
Posted by Daniel Tonks on May 5, 2003 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
Ever wondered what the Intrigue Technologies Harmony SST-768 remote control looks like in red? Well, now we'll show you!

For our review of the Harmony we only received a sample remote in blue – but now we've received the other two colors and are able to update it with two brand new photos of all available Harmony colors – red, silver and blue. If you haven't already, be sure to read our in-depth SST-768 review, or check out the updated photographs on this and this page.

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Updates on ProntoEdit NG & TSU3000
Last week, reader Jamie Dull attended a training seminar put on by Philips for their Pronto dealers. Here’s some of the more interesting information that was presented in relation to the next ProntoEdit NG update:

  • Hard button #1 will be programmable – the hard-coded “Tools” function will be removed.
  • Hard button #4 will also finally be programmable.
  • The new software version will feature improved IR learning.
  • Pasted IR codes will no longer be “distorted”. As many of you have noticed, when you cut and paste discrete codes and then save it in PENG, it alters some of the characters so that the code no longer works. The understanding from the class is that this should not happen. It should save hex code exactly the way Pronto Edit 4 does.
  • The IR code “label bug”, where the customizable name for a learned IR code cannot be changed, will be fixed.
  • A problem where hard button labels sometimes append multiple times to themselves will be fixed.
  • Database codes will feature more informative descriptions – so instead of “IR Code” the software will show “IR Code – Mitsubishi – Power On”.
  • A bug where the remote changes font size from 14 points to 10 points when a configuration is uploaded from the remote will be fixed.
  • Individual pages, as well as entire devices, can now be hidden.
  • IR codes assigned to the “Home” device will properly punch through to other devices.
  • Users experiencing slow IR transmission or slow page jumps should turn remote animation off.
  • USB transfer speeds to/from the remote will be improved.
  • A new toll-free customer service number staffed by employees trained strictly for Pronto support is being established.
This month you can also look for a new improved beta version of ProntoEdit NG released right here on Remote Central!

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Some additional information was also supplied on the iPronto TSi6400:

  • A new update is available that displays station icons in the EPG.
  • That same update also improves the keyboard layout (removes the “Enter” button on the pop-up keyboard, as it was duplicated by “Done”).
  • A layout upgrade will allow remote pages to mix with web browser pages (some early photos of the iPronto displayed this).
  • A new 802.11g WiFi card upgrade will allow for streaming audio and video.
  • The Network Extender (picture it as a much more robust version of the ProntoPro’s RF Extender) should be available in July.
  • The USB port on the iPronto is meant for a USB keyboard.
  • Future updates will allow the MMC/SD slot to be used for viewing digital camera photographs or even possibly listening to MP3 files.
  • A planned docking station for the iPronto will include a new battery compartment cover that adds contacts for easier recharging of the built-in battery.

At this time no further information is available, but this definitely shows promise for the future! Thanks, Jamie, for the report!

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Big file area update!
Our file area continues to grow! This past week we’ve finally managed to verify all of the recent submissions and get them on the site... and let me tell you, there’s been a lot of uploads!

First, let’s cover the Pronto File Area, which covers the TS-1000, TSU2000, TSU6000, RU890, RU940, RU970, Marantz RC5000, RC5000i, RC5200, RC9200, Onkyo CHAD and Yamaha RAV-2000 models. Since our last “What’s New” file area report, new or updated system CCF files are available from:

Aaron Macpherson
Alan Minchew
Alden Reine
Andrew McLean
Antony Davanzo
Arnie Burke (X2)
Bruce Hartley
Butch Searle-Spratt
Cameron Gundrum
Charles Taylor
Chris Groppi
Claudio Santulli
Dale Crawford (X3)
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Tonks (X2)
David W. Gray
Dean Barrett
Doug Wolff
Doug Wright
Frank Moors
Gabriel Racah

Glenn Thompson
Greg Hamilton
Guy Williams
Howard McBean
James Dougherty
James Rink
Jason Gillette
Jeff Meyer
Joe Przybylski
John Corkery
Julian Croot
Malcolm Demanuele
Mario Bieh
Mark Wood
Matt Rasmussen
Michael Burdett
Mick Hayward
Mike Pearson
Nathaniel Brown
Neil Watts
Nick Gardiner
Nick Solares

Oswaldo Romano Jr.
Paul Bess
Paul J. Ghosh
Paul Rowlands
Pedro Cardenas
Remo Martinelli
Roger Donald
Russell O'Hara
Sascha Zimmermann
Stephen Campbell
Steve Casey
Steve McNally
Steve Rosing
Terry Ball
Thierry de Lapasse
Tim Voegele-Downing
Tom Mead
Tony Burton
Tony Silvestro
Wesley Mullings (X2)
William Sanchez

Of course, there are also many individual device files updated that are too numerous to mention here. If you’d like to browse through our collection of over 5,300 devices, dig in!

Other interesting Pronto files include:

  • 5 new television station logo collections, including files specifically for the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and the UK.
  • A new DVD Jukebox Generator that runs in MS Excel.
  • CCF Picker, a program that lets you select what software you want to load your CCF into.
  • A dedicated section for all of your SuperNudelist needs.
  • A document from Eigeny Oulianov that provides in-depth information on Pronto IR formats.

Second on our list is the ProntoNEO file section, which covers the TSU500 and Marantz RC3200 files. Complete system files are available from:

Adam Julin
Andy Green
Ben Ruset
Daniel Calderon
David Suttle
Eric Allan
Eric Jacober
Greg Rector
John Kelly
John Shettino
Joshua Courser
Håkan Rolandsson
Hector Diaz
Matt Banack
Mike Palmer
Mitch Petervary
Patrick Saliba
Siegmund Kunz
Steffen Herr
Tony DeCesare

Our new file area for the 16-grayshade Philips Pronto TSU3000 and accompanying ProntoEdit NG software is growing nicely! Complete system configurations – be sure to check out the original designs – are available from:

Alden Reine
Dave D'Arche
David Shaw (X3)
Don Couture
Jack Tompkins
Jason Berna
Jeffery Holt
Joe De Young
John Sully
Kevin Urbanek
Mark Howard
Richard Reed
Scott Siegel
Sung H. Chang
Willy Nanita

Also, if you own an MX-500 remote control you should check out our new Home Theater Master MX-500 area, where you’ll find 18 complete systems and 108 component setups. In order to use your MX-500 with a computer you'll need to buy the third-party IR Clone-MX device, which enables easy transfers to and from the remote.

Or, visit the Home Theater Master MX-700 file area where we have 21 systems and 221 component configurations ready for instant use with the MX-700 or soon-to-be-released MX-800!

As always, we need your files! If you have something that other remote control users could benefit from, please take the time to send it in! Click on the appropriate link to begin the submission process:

Philips Pronto & Compatible
Philips ProntoNEO & Compatible
Philips Pronto NG
Philips iPronto
Home Theater Master MX-500
Home Theater Master MX-700
Home Theater Master MX-1000
RTI TheaterTouch T2

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