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9/21/15 - They havenít done this in years. I wonder why?
6/02/15 - Software runs on any mobile device; uses simple PC as system controller.
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New PS3 Slim: Still No Infrared
As it turns out, those who do not learn from history... still won't repeat it.
Posted by Daniel Tonks on August 22, 2009 at 9:51 AM
RC News Story
PS3 Slim By now youíve no doubt heard all about Sonyís new, cheaper, smaller, quieter and more efficient PlayStation 3 Slim. Priced at just $299 this is surely going to be a welcome refresh of the PS3 platform, but besides for all of the good points resulting from the redesign (such as the ability to bitstream HD audio formats), there have naturally been some unfortunate cost cuts Ė and those are on top of everything thatís already been removed over the past few years.

The premium glossy finish has been reduced to a rough matte texture, the snazzy heat sensitive touch buttons have been replaced with physical clicky buttons, and any remaining semblance of PS2 backwards compatibility has been nixed. Despite this, there was still one minor addition that we were expecting to see Ė at least if history was anything to go by.

First, letís refresh some of Sonyís track record with the PS2.

  • Sony releases PS2
  • People use PS2 to play DVD movies
  • PS2 is not controllable by universal remote
  • Sony releases add-on remote control
  • Other companies release add-on remotes
  • Sony releases redesigned PS2 Slim
  • PS2 Slim includes infrared support, solving remote control issues.
  • Everyoneís happy.

Now letís see whatís going been on with the PS3.

  • Sony releases PS3
  • People use PS3 to play Blu-ray movies
  • PS3 is not controllable by universal remote (havenít we already been here?)
  • Sony releases add-on proprietary remote that doesnít solve universal remote issue
  • Other companies release add-on solutions
  • Sony releases redesigned PS3 Slim
  • PS3 Slim still lacks any support for universal remote controls
  • At least the accessory makers are happy...

So, once again, ten cents worth of infrared receiver circuitry has been tragically omitted, forcing owners to either settle for Sonyís Bluetooth-based Blu-ray Disc Remote Control or purchase a third-party add-on converter designed to allow standard infrared-based remotes to communicate with the PS3. Despite Sonyís positioning of the console as the perfect all-in-one entertainment device, they seen determined to ensure that itís less than convenient to use!

Fortunately, if you want make any PS3 work with your home theater remote youíve come to the right place, since weíve already reviewed all of the solutions available.

Accessory makers: one
Sony: still zero...

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They havenít done this in years. I wonder why?
Software runs on any mobile device; uses simple PC as system controller.
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Accessory makers: 2
Sony: 0

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