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Fobis Technologies Weemote dV Reviewed
Kids' remote offers learning technology, new design
Posted by Daniel Tonks on October 18, 2004 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
Fobis Technologies Weemote dV As audio/video technology marches on, so does remote control design. The Fobis Technologies Weemote, first introduced back in 2000, promised to make television viewing both easier and safer for children. As later Weemote models were enhanced to work with a wider variety of devices, Fobis has obviously kept their eye on other areas where a kids’ remote would be appreciated.

I’m pleased today to announce our review of the Weemote dV, a brand new remote featuring a completely updated design that should help make DVD viewing a more independent activity for kids all over. The new Weemote dV is a durable, preprogrammed and learning remote control with only a few buttons for easy, intuitive digital video device control. So just what is the Weemote dV capable of, and how does it relate to other Weemote models? You’ll have to read our full review to find out!

Read all about the Weemote dV!

File area updates.
As I look through the What’s New archives, I’m amazed to notice that it has been almost 8 months since we last informed you of recent uploads to the remote control file area. So, without further ado, here’s what’s new!

To begin with we’ll cover new file areas. Anyone looking for a remote control manual will want to look in the Miscellaneous section which contains, among other things, over 340 different universal remote control manuals for Sony, One For All, RCA, Philips/Magnavox, Radio Shack, Zenith and a wide variety of other brands. As always, we need your content – if you have a manual for a remote control not listed, please take the time to upload it! Although we prefer original manufacturer PDF files, we can also process your high resolution scans into nice PDF documents that anyone can view.

Home Theater Master MX-3000
Next, the most recent file area added is for the MX-3000 color LCD remote, which uses RCC files. You’ll currently find 18 system RCC files by:

Ash Sharma
Casey Luchsinger
Caryl Lange
Domenick Ciccotto
Edward Thomas
Glen Munro
Jeff Grissett
Jordan Marion
Keith Hasey
Lee Kropp
Mike Rollett
Mike Webster
Mike Woodhall
Neil Dorin
Paul Saulnier
Rob Semlitsch
Ryan Berg
Sam Cohen

Philips iPronto
Continuing on to the iPronto TSi6400, 19 new or updated system ICF files are now available from:

Alex Beattie
Andrew Dade
Dan Scarboro
Doug @ ClearlyResolved
Frank Bogen
Joe Martz
Kees van der Meer (x2)
Lee Kropp (x2)
Marco A. Hernandez
Markus Besters
Mike Krueger
Neil Barnett
Neil Watts
Paul M. Ingargiola
Shane Barden
Thiago Ramos Fanfoni
Wolf Thoma

You’ll also find two new button galleries totalling well over a thousand buttons, designed especially for the iPronto.

Philips ProntoNG
We now come to the file area for the ProntoNG TSU3000 and ProntoPro NG TSU7000, now covering the Marantz RC5400 and RC9500. A total of 31 new or updated systems are available from:

Adam Holt
Brooks Flynn
Christopher Crucitti
Claudio Santulli
David Chalif
Duane McCord
Duncan Irvine
Erik Rodewald
Gareth Rees
Gary Hamilton
Joe Alan
John Brandt
John Yates
Kevan McCarthy
Kevin Lee

Leigh Rankin
Marc Morgenthaler
Matt Duggan
Mike Morrison
Paul Antico
Peter Edwards
Rob Grim
Roddy McGavin
Randy Mangoba
Randy Springer
Steve Martin
Stuart Hosking
Tim Davis
Tony Prince

You’ll also find tons of separate component PCF files, plus: a gallery file from Steve Martin; NFL schedules from J. Wallace, Jason Humphries and Kevin Davis; six logo galleries from Dave Wilkins, Glenn Haist, Leigh Rankin, Peter Fullerton, Scott Harris and Sebastien Vivier; and finally, utilities from Lyndel McGee and Paul Friedlander.

Marantz has updated their RC5400’s editing software to version 1.2.5, adding online help, global punchthroughs, recursive jumps, improved learning and faster downloads. Be sure to also get the matching RC5400 firmware update to App v3.3.1.6. They’ve also released 9, color editing software for use with the brand new RC9500 remote control, which is based on the popular ProntoPro NG TSU7000. Download all software from this page

Philips Pronto
We now come to the original remote control file archive, created for the Philips Pronto and ProntoPro family of remote controls. This area is now up to an amazing total of over 7,000 files – with more coming in all the time! This update you’ll find 34 new or updated system files from:

Adrian Seccombe
Anja Arnold
Bryan Freeman
Caroline Summers
Chris Dunbar
Colin Preston
Dan Bishop
Dean Kline
Eelco van Vliet
Eric ten Barge
Flavio Castello Branco
Geoff Smith
Jackson Ng
Joe Andras
John Murphy
Jon Pyefinch
Kevin Donovan
Marcel Schuurmans
Martial Bouvard
Neil S. Whitaker
Omar Mohatarem
Phil Baker
Randy Mangoba
Scott P.
Sebastian Boucher
Simon Polinelli
Stanley Brown
Steve McNally
Steve Murray
Stuart Buchanan
Torsten Nobst
Umit Ozdemir

The individual components section has also had a major infusion of files and now covers devices from over 340 different brands! Other updates include logo collections from Chris Dunbar and Olivier Arthus and an updated version of CCF Tools from Olivier Couvreur.

Home Theater Master MX-700 & MX-800
In addition to numerous component files, the MX-700 & MX-800 file area has had 19 new or updated system configurations from:

Brian Steeves
Daniel Tonks
Darin Cline
Donald Fish
Glenn Arsenault
John Carroll
John Rogers
John Smith
Ken Bowers
Marvin Gloven
Mitch G.
Robert Gill
Rod Brown
Ronald T. Shaw
Ruben Nunez
Sean O'Brien
Tom Copeland
Victor Ciccarone
Yasin Ashraf

New files can also be found in the MX-500 section.

Philips ProntoNEO
Last but not least, in the ProntoNEO file area you’ll find a total of 15 new or updated system NCF files from:

Dave Cerutti
Dennis Rich
Don Goodall
Jim Maj
Keith Hole
Keith Wagner
Kenneth Doak
Kevin Martin
Ola Möller
Rob Vandenberg
Romauld Tisserand
Stefan Sinnige
Steve Higgs
Steve Massart
Whistle Blower

Remember, we need your content!
If you have a remote control related file that you’d like to share with others, please upload that file by visiting the appropriate file area and looking for the “upload” link near the bottom of the page.

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