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New Yamaha RAV-2000 Model
Posted by Daniel Tonks on August 14, 2002 at 1:00 AM
RC News Story
August's contest!
By now, you all will have noticed that Remote Central’s July contest is over. Despite a relatively easy question answered by our then-latest review, only half of all entrants answered correctly! From those we’ve picked the winners – so see who won the Acoustic Research home theater speaker package, Kenwood 2-way radio kit, UCommand 626 remote, Harman/Kardon DAL-150 audio transceiver, RCA RCU1000B remote, or Sony RM-VL1000 remote.

Click to win great prizes!

This August we’ve got a great contest for you, with many prizes to be won. Partnered with the fantastic people at, we’re pleased to offer everyone the chance to win a Garmin eMap GPS unit, Evolve Guide Remote, pair of Kenwood FM 2-way radios, Crisp Solutions UCommand 626 remote, Hot Link Pro IR distribution system, Sony RM-VL1000 remote or one of eight Zenith ZEN-425 remotes! Enter today!

New Yamaha RAV-2000 model...
Yamaha has recently made slight changes to the version of the RAV-2000 that ships with the RX-Z1 receiver. Called the RAV-2000Z1, the hardware is identical, but Yamaha has enlarged the memory region where user files are stored. The RAV-2000Z1 has increased from 444kb available space to a more useful 772kb. They obtained this additional space by shrinking the code database from about 640kb to just under half, essentially removing European codes.

No new version of RAVedit has been released. Instead, Yamaha provides the RAVSelect utility, which modifies (back and forth) several RAVedit files to support both versions. Yamaha warns that downloading a RAV-2000Z1 file to a RAV-2000 is not a good thing, so unless you actually have a RAV-2000Z1 please don’t use this utility.

Absolutely, positively massive file area update!
It’s been quite a while since our last file area update! With the recent introduction of the upgraded database program, it’s become much easier to determine which files are new. Still, I’ve found that many users prefer news updates to see what’s hot.

We’ll begin with the Philips Pronto file area, which covers the TS-1000, TSU2000, TSU6000, RU890, RU940, RU970, Marantz RC5000, RC5000i, RC5200, RC9200, Onkyo CHAD and Yamaha RAV-2000 models. New or updated complete system CCF files, for both color and black and white remotes, are now available from:

Adrian Bellwood
Alex Vallat
André du Fresne
Andrew Jewell
Andy Ehm
Arnie Burke
Bryan Zada
Carlton Bale
Chris Lee
Chris Williams
Claudio Santulli
Colin Reeve
Dale Crawford
Dave Nibeck
David Armour
David Byrne
David Chalif
David Loew
David Williams
Dede Ayache

Derek Stutsman
Drury Woodson
Duncan Ross
Eric Labuda
Fabrice Lainé
Francois Lafaix
Frank Tartaglione
Geoff Leonard
George Marantis
Greg Hamilton
James Dougherty
Janusz Kuszak
Jason Bihun
Jason Winspear
Jeff Boen
John Corkery
John Pechulis
Julian Croot

Kevin Sills
Kim Aubry
Lee Nevo
Marc Jones
Mark Easton
Markus Emmert
Matthew Elton
Maximilien Rexx
Mr. M
Nate Goplen
Neils Natic
Nicholas D. Satullo
Nicholas Reinking
Nigel Avey
Ofer LaOr
Pat Hall
Paul Bess
Paul Ghosh
Paul Reid
Phil Ayling

Phil Hodgins
Phil Kitlinger
Reiner Unsinn
Rhob Webber
Richard Bekker
Richard Bellanger
Richard Chapple
Robert Johnson
Romain Heilig
Ronnie Wimberly
Russell Burke
Ryan Cox
Sascha Zimmermann
Shawn Szilezy
Thorsten Schwarz
Tom Lendway
Yves Geltmeyer

Several new useful user-written utilities are also available:

ProntoGen v2.0: Generates CCF databases for Sony 200-400 disk jukeboxes.
SNL Sony CD Supercharger v1.0: Adds functionality to SuperNudeList for Sony megachangers.
CCF Tools v0.52/0.99: Includes the useful CCF Compiler & Decompiler, CCF Dumper and CCF Optimizer programs.
Channel Magic: Generates station macro groups from a master channel file.
IRLite: Converts AMX IR Library files (.IRL) to Pronto hex code.
ImgRep: Replaces the Pronto's built-in (and normally unchangable) GUI.
Yamaha Extended IR Codes: A full listing of all available extended IR codes for Yamaha receivers.
Communicating with the Pronto: Documentation on how to communicate over the serial port with the Pronto.

The Philips ProntoNEO and Marantz RC3200 file area continues to grow, with recent complete system NCF uploads from:

Aaren Jensen
Alex Kada
Andreas Kurth
Bob Held
Bob Hopwood
Chris Gorman
Chris Tideswell
Cory Philips
Dick Kurfuerst
Doug Roswold
Gabe Breeman
Gadget Geek
Kark Buck
James Wallace
Jason Duffy
Jeff Willis
Joe Charles
John Hoffman
John Young
Max Power
Mike Juday
Mike Mathos
Nathan Palmer
Peter Isbrucker
Richard Hunger
Ronny Hendrichs
Ryan Dittamore
Ryan Wiesehan
Steve Gubala
The Goat
Tim Krug
Todd Upton
Willem Kaar

Be sure to also check out the Neo's Utilities & Manuals section, where you'll find new versions of the NeoDiff, NeoHacker and Pronto2Neo programs, along with a handy document on the ProntoNEO's IR format!

As always, these file areas can only exist with your uploads! Click here to send us your Pronto-related files, or click here for ProntoNEO files.

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