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The Best DVD Demonstration Scenes
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You've got company coming over and want to make a lasting impression on them with your expensive new home theater system. Quick - what DVD can you play that will instantly blow their minds? Now if you're anything like me, you can sit there staring at hundreds of DVD titles and yet draw a blank when it comes to showcase pieces. Well, no more! Just use one of these fantastic demonstration scenes as submitted by our members.

Know of a great scene? Add it! Did you really like one of these 254 suggestions? Didn't like another? Vote - and talk about it in our DVD forum!

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Submitted by Albert Salas on 05/20/02.
And All That Could Have Been (NIN Live)
(1 vote)
Location:Whole concert
Features:DTS sound field
Description:Picture is ok but the sound is excellent. Doesn't get better than this if you like heavy music.

Submitted by David Beckett on 07/05/00.
(7 votes)
Location:DTS chapter 2
Features:out of this world
Description:if you liked Bugs life, then this will blow your socks.and the kids will love it.

Submitted by Josh on 05/10/00.
Apocolypse Now
(19 votes)
Location:Chapter 7
Features:Makes you wanna get up and fight.
Description:Death from above scene. The remaster is great, You'd think it's charlie sheen until you read the date of the movie.

Submitted by Steve Burtson on 06/09/02.
Apollo 13
(6 votes)
Location:The launch scene
Features:DTS and SUB!!
Description:WOW. When this rocket takes off, head for cover. Seriously, because pieces of the ceiling may start falling in because of the intensity of the BASS in this scene. The DTS and spacial effects are fabulous. Makes you feel like you are really there watching the launch.

Submitted by Kathleen Lulejian on 05/19/02.
(3 votes)
Location:Chapter 25 3:50
Features:Detonation of the nuclear bomb
Description:From the time Harry says, "we win Gracie." You can feel the force of the explosion. Then the visual of first flashing between Grace and Harry then to the asteroid breaking apart and finally halfing itself and splitting in two. one of the best scenes I've ever seen. Turn it up, sit back and hold on.The Aerosmith soundtrack is perfect.

Submitted by Wibble on 03/22/00.
(12 votes)
Location:First chapter - the meteor strike on NY
Features:Good use of sound field and frequency range
Description:Deep, loud and enveloping explosions as the meteors stike. Debris flying all around you

Submitted by jonmo on 05/04/04.
Bad Boys II
(2 votes)
Location:Car chase over the causway
Features:Tons of bass, great visuals
Description:The part where the boat crashes through the windshield, everyone ducks.

Submitted by xscash on Wednesday December 6, 2006.
Bad Boys II
(1 vote)
Location:chapter 9
Features:dts and 5.1 avilable in superbit
Description:starts the sounds of a dog barking in the background and water from a lawn sprinkler splashing in the fore ground. with a large thud and some rattling chains a door is kicked in.
then the fun begins...a great gun fight breaks out with circular motion the bullets seem to go right by you. tons of audio variation. i use this for most of my testing. a+

Submitted by Sneaka007 on 10/22/02.
Behind Enemy Lines
(2 votes)
Location:SAM Attack
Features:Sounds Damn Good in 5.1
Description:Holy crap!!! this whole scene, from the high-pitched screams of the SAM indicator, to the wine of the missles, to the almost subsonic explosion, and the final impact. Many other decent scens throughout.

Submitted by marlonius on 05/20/03.
Behind Enemy Lines
(4 votes)
Location:Land Mine Scene
Features:Mind-blowing Lows
Description:The land mine scene is phenomenal. If you've got a good-sized subwoofer, the explosions will throw you deep into your couch and keep you pinned there until the end of the scene.

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