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The Best DVD Demonstration Scenes
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You've got company coming over and want to make a lasting impression on them with your expensive new home theater system. Quick - what DVD can you play that will instantly blow their minds? Now if you're anything like me, you can sit there staring at hundreds of DVD titles and yet draw a blank when it comes to showcase pieces. Well, no more! Just use one of these fantastic demonstration scenes as submitted by our members.

Know of a great scene? Add it! Did you really like one of these 254 suggestions? Didn't like another? Vote - and talk about it in our DVD forum!

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Submitted by Karl Woerner on 03/29/00.
(4 votes)
Location:Chps 5, 9, 17
Features:Surround effects and imaging.
Description:Yea, it's a kids movie. So sue me, I have kids. I'm not usually much on musicals, but the song scenes are where this disk truly shines. Full use of the surrounds during all music numbers, and of coure the classic rolling thunder at the beginning of chapter 9; you can almost feel the falling rain.

Submitted by doug on 04/09/01.
Neil Finn: Sessions at West 54th
(1 vote)
Location:Every track!
Features:Awesome sharp picture with nice camera work; stunning sound with floor shaking deep bass support line and crisp soaring highs
Description:A live 5.1 concert by Neil Finn (formerly of Crowded House and Split Enz fame). Beautiful songwriting, peformed flawlessly and movingly, with technical perfection and artistry! This one DVD will make your investment in a player and a 5.1 surround system seem worth it all!

Submitted by lolo on 11/12/01.
No Bull - AC/DC
(1 vote)
Description:You are in Madrid during the concert!!!

Submitted by theultimateguru on Sunday September 10, 2006.
Open Range DTS
(1 vote)
Location:Chapter 14
Features:Great surround, realistic gun fire.
Description:The last gunfight. Turn up your system, listen to the echos of the gunfire go right through you. My favorite demo when people want to hear DTS!

Submitted by dave on 09/15/04.
(3 votes)
Features:gun fire, explosions gallore
Description:i agree with all the demo scenes i have read about here as i own most of the dvd's mentioned i think outbreak more than deserves to be on the list the first 10 min or so are really awsome dont take my word for it get a copy turn up your system and see for yourself

Submitted by Jonny Clean on 04/06/02.
Pearl Harbor
(5 votes)
Location:All air combat scenes and of course the attack scene...
Features:Great panning and LFE
Description:After hearing Perl Harbor Saving Private Ryan is not the same anymore. It's one thing to have a bullet or an arrow whiz past your head but a plane with guns blaring? What! I had to change my shorts twice.

Submitted by Stevel on 11/17/00.
Pitch Black
(3 votes)
Location:Ship Re-entry and crash
Features:Dolby 5.1
Description:Gives the entire system a work out. Excellent use of Sub, and surround. Watch your volume level!!!!

Submitted by Kevin on 08/28/04.
Planet of the Apes (New Version)
(1 vote)
Location:Crash Landing
Features:Excellent 5.1 Demo!
Description:This scene is a great example of 5.1 surround at it's best! Horrible movie, great scene. He goes out to look for the chimp in this scene, and is sucked into a black hole. He then promplty begins to crash.

Submitted by Depechie on 07/01/02.
Red Planet
(2 votes)
Location:At the end of the movie, but don't recall the chapter
Features:5.1 placement
Description:When Val Kilmer is chased down by the robot Amee, there is a little detection machine flying around and it gets past every surround loudspeaker !
Good for showing the meaning of surround sound !

Submitted by Dennis Barron on 04/27/03.
(1 vote)
Features:very well mixed dolby 5.1 track .
Description:entire movie

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