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T2 Wish list
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Post 1 made on Thursday July 13, 2000 at 21:00
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OK, now that the T2 is being used, let's see if we can come up with a good wish list for a next version, both software and hardware. Allow me to start:

- hard buttons for transport control
- hard button labeled "Menu" (who needs the "*"?)
- smaller size
- increased IR signal strength and angle
- increased sensitivity for IR learning

Software and firmware:
- quicker execution of macro tests (the button test seems to create significant overhead)
- hex editor for new and existing codes
- link to specific screen of a page
- optional beep for touchscreen buttons (not page navigation)
- automatic entry of computer link mode when you send a new file to the remote
- ?

Sheesh...have to think hard to find improvements....
OP | Post 2 made on Friday July 14, 2000 at 08:55
John Colombo
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I don't think you can put any more hard buttons on this remote and make it smaller or even keep it as well-balanced as it is. So I can't agree with the hard transport controls, especially since a set of transport controls fits quite nicely on the touchscreen and works like a charm. And I don't find the size a problem given the almost perfect balance of this thing. Also, why a separate "Menu" button when you already have a "Guide" button? I use that button for the Guide for the 4DTV, but for menus for everything else. And if you need both a Guide and a Menu, use a macro to allow a different command with a "hold button" test.

I use the "*" button for the <10 button that appears on some components (like my Denon CD player, to select a track above 10; and my Mitsubishi DVD player, which also has a <10 button). Don't get rid of it.

I agree that some increased IR range would be nice, but remember that this thing has RF capability. I for one am going to get the RF receiver when it is available not just for the RF, but also for the RS232 interface. I know, I know - that brings the overall cost of this thing to close to $1000, but the alternative is a Crestron or Phast system at three times that amount. If you don't need this kind of sophistication, go buy a 1-for-All.

On the software, it is excellent as is, but several things bug me. Biggest issue: allow a jump to a specific panel in a page!

A few others, though. On the Macro Editor, how about leaving the "page jump" to the last set page, instead of having to use the list box each time. Or better yet, how about a way to copy macro commands? I wrote about 70 macros for my 4DTV to get individual channels, and had to re-enter the commands for each one. (OK, I realize that the other way to do this is to copy the button, then edit the macro. But when you copy the button, then you have to change the text on the button, then edit the macro. I think being able to copy the macro would be easier).

I don't like having to right click, then select from a menu in order to clear a selected button. Just let me click anywhere outside the touchscreen area to clear a selection, OK, like any other Windows software. Also, when in text mode, how about having a feature that you could turn off that automatically opens a text entry window for the next button down (or over, or some pattern). Often you want to lay out a bunch of buttons, then add text to them all in order. Right now that requires clicking on button 1, entering text, clicking on OK, then clicking on the next button, etc. A feature that automatically opened a text entry screen for the next "empty" button would speed things up - most e-mail programs work this way. You read message 1, then there is an up or down arrow that allows you to go directly to message 2 without clicking to close 1 and then clicking to open 2.

Hmmm - that's about it for now. Great remote, great software. Might be improved a little, but heed the MD's motto of "First, do no harm."

John Colombo

OP | Post 3 made on Friday July 14, 2000 at 18:44
DJ Garcia
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Here's my list (most unashamedly pasted from Arjen's :-):


- increased IR signal strength and angle
- increased sensitivity for IR learning

Software and firmware:

- revamped hex editor for new and existing codes
- link to specific frame in a page
- set / check simple text variables


OP | Post 4 made on Friday July 14, 2000 at 21:12
Historic Forum Post

Have you tried using the Channel Macro Wizard? I think that the Wizard will speed things up for you. This function is under Edit on the menu bar.

I have noticed that you can copy and paste just the macro. Right-click on a button that has the macro you want to copy and select Copy, put the cursor over the button that you want to paste the command to and right-click and select paste macro from the list.

I am still playing with the software A LOT and finding new stuff all the time.

OP | Post 5 made on Friday July 14, 2000 at 21:37
DJ Garcia
Historic Forum Post
The macro wizard works great. I used it to set up my channel frames. Also great is the auto-increment numbering when adding numeric buttons in sequence, which starts automatically after the second button

OP | Post 6 made on Friday August 11, 2000 at 01:54
Mr. Big
Historic Forum Post
Want all those buttons? Get a RC2000mkII.
OP | Post 7 made on Friday August 11, 2000 at 12:53
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Tried it. Pretty darn good, but didn't like the physical feel (top heavy) and hated the LCD screen. Only 4 hard to read characters per button.

I am going to give the Rotel RR969 a shot.

OP | Post 8 made on Sunday August 13, 2000 at 07:24
Historic Forum Post
My wish :

After 3 Months time, RTI should start to sell their, of course cheaper, IR-only version.
I think there are many like me, who don't need a RF capability and are not willing to pay 650 Bucks !!

If they don't speed up, I'm going to give the new Crisp Solution 616 a chance.
Hopefully they can guarantee their announcement date.

Sorry no email address. There are too many
idiots that bomb you with bullshit.
OP | Post 9 made on Sunday August 13, 2000 at 13:31
Historic Forum Post

If I like the RR969 well enough, perhaps I'll sell my T2 for a good bit less then new. It would feel like selling my soul...but I guess that's been done before :-)

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