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Amazing Discovery: 15-1994 Radio Shack's new 6-in-1 Remote
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OP | Post 61 made on Wednesday November 10, 1999 at 14:42
Albert C
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Thanks everyone for enlighting on the advanced codes. My HT equipment is working pretty much with this remote. Now I am trying to add convenience to it by using macros.


Since macro is device independent once you program it, why do you need [device] * p ** 9* 9* 5* ....

Is [device] necessary and what is the right way to program macro since RS doesn't have designated macro keys.

Thanks in advance,
OP | Post 62 made on Thursday November 11, 1999 at 08:29
Russ S.
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When you code a macro you don't press a Device button before the P button. The key you want the macro put On is the first key pressed after the 9*9*5** Once the macro is programmed, you execute the macro simply by pressing the button you put the macro on.

You can put a macro on any button you want. I would start with the 1S-4S buttons.

Here is my macro for the Power button to power on all of my equipment and set it up to watch cbl/sat:
SETUP *--** 9*9*5** POWER * RCVR * POWER * 7 * TV * POWER * VCR * POWER * CBL/SAT * POWER * SETUP *--**

OP | Post 63 made on Thursday November 11, 1999 at 13:47
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Ok, I am a little confused. It is my understanding that you should use Advanced Codes when possible to save memory (cause learning uses a lot of memory). But I thought you only needed to input the main code for that device (i.e. for Denon "0160") and then everything should work with that component. THEN I went to Stargate (as Andre recommended way above) and saw the code 0160, but when I clicked on it I saw a bunch of specific codes (each 3 digits) that only performed one function each. Which codes am I supposed to use?

So you use the main code first and then if there is something specific left out use a specific code assigned to a certain key?

Please help me understand how to program the remote better.

Thanks in advance!
OP | Post 64 made on Thursday November 11, 1999 at 14:15
Albert C
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Just want to make sure that in your case "SETUP *--** 9*9*5** POWER * RCVR ...", if I replace POWER with 1S-4S, then it would look like "SETUP *--** 9*9*5** 1S * RCVR ...", and pressing 1S would execute the macro. Correct?


OP | Post 65 made on Thursday November 11, 1999 at 16:54
Jim M
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Help! Want a universal remote. Read the reviews on this site and actually think that the Home Theatre 8000 works for me. I can get it a local retailer for $79. I have a simple system -- Nakamachi receiver, Denon CD, Panasonic VCR and Sony TV. Only stereo speakers. Probably wont get a DVD for sometime. (don't watch many movies). Mainly want to get rid of clutter (esp with Nakamachi humongous remote). Is Radio Shack an alternative for me? Thanks. Jim
OP | Post 66 made on Friday November 12, 1999 at 08:35
Russ S.
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You are correct in what you said. First you use the four digit code for your particular piece of equipment and that is programmed on to the Device key. THEN, if there is a function missing you can program one of the three digit advanced codes on a key (not your device keys). To test out the three digit advanced codes you need to first press the appropriate Device key to put the remote in that mode. Then you just need to press the P key followed by the three digit advanced code. This is a good way to test the advanced code before you actually program/remap it to a key.

Also, remember that the Learning memory is completely separate from Macro/Remap/Advanced Code memory. Don't be afraid to Learn a few keys. If all you did was Macro/Remap/Advanced Coding, then you will still have a lot unutilized Learning memory. Move some of the Advanced Coding over to Learning to free up some of the memory so you can have more macros.

Albert C,

You are correct. The first button press after the 9*9*5** is the button that the macro will be placed on. You can put a macro on any button except for the P and the Device Buttons (and maybe one or two others that I have forgotten about).


I would think that the RS remote would be a good alternative for you and save you about $50. I have the same devices (not brands) that you have plus a DVD player and I have no problems. I can't give you any information on the 8000 because I have never seen it. But, there isn't any reason that I can think of that the RS wouldn't be able to do anything that you wanted it to do (within reason of course). Also, Radio Shack has a 30 day return policy so what do you have to lose? (except for $50 by going with the 8000!!)

I would recommend to everyone that wants more detailed information on how to program the RS to thoroughly read the One For All forum. They have put the Cinema 7 through it's paces and almost everything they can done on the Cinema 7 can be done on the 15-1994.
OP | Post 67 made on Friday November 12, 1999 at 11:35
Historic Forum Post
Does anyone understand how the "Plug and Play" feature works on this remote?

All I want to do (to start with) is be able to dim one light (plugged into a regular wall socket. How do I do this? What do I need? Do I have to buy something extra for this remote or is it ready to go and all I need to do is buy the lamp modules?

I am new to x-10 (home automation) and could use all the help I can get! Don't want to spend a lot, just want to be able to turn on/off and dim the main light in my home theater room.

OP | Post 68 made on Friday November 12, 1999 at 13:09
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Having trouble learning Yamaha's '70mm Movie DSP' IR signal. I keep geeting a single long flash after attempting to learn... Can somone help?

Other than that, the 15-1994 is awesome! I almost wasted tons of $$ on a Philips Pronto! Thanks to this thread, I have a really cool remote!
OP | Post 69 made on Saturday November 13, 1999 at 12:14
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Finally got one of these remotes.

But having trouble. Can't get it to work with my Panasonic VCR or Sony Dual deck tape player.

OP | Post 70 made on Saturday November 13, 1999 at 18:08
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Hi! I put the universal code in for my Yamaha receiver and it works great on AUX1. Is there a way to punch through the volume and mute buttons to other components?

I have already 'learned' the volume buttons to AUX2, VCR, and TV but I can't do it for MUTE.

I also have a Sony DVD (330) and could not learn the universal code to AUX2. Is there a good way to do this? I have learned some of the basic keys to AUX2 but fail when trying to memorize the DISPLAY button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

OP | Post 71 made on Sunday November 14, 1999 at 01:20
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I have a Denon 2800 and used the code "0160" for Denon receivers. I think most keys mapped ok except I can't switch to DVD. The inputs were automatically assigned to the number keys except for number 3 and 8. I tried to "learn" the DVD input from the original remote (Denon) to one of these keys but I get a single flash on the 15-1994 - it doesn't work. The only advanced codes I have seen are for the Denon 3200 (an earlier year model). Does anyone know where I can find current codes for my Denon 2800???
OP | Post 72 made on Sunday November 14, 1999 at 10:57
Historic Forum Post
Follow-up to previous email...
OP | Post 73 made on Sunday November 14, 1999 at 11:02
Historic Forum Post
Sorry! Follow-up to previous email about Denon 2800. I went thru all the Denon 3200 codes found at and was able to switch to DVD input.

But here is what I am missing in codes:

1) Tuner up/down for preset radio stations
2) Shift for tuner (A,B,C)
3) Different DSP modes, 5 Channel stereo, stereo, direct, and Dolby
4) All On Screen Display (OSD) keys - similar to a DVD player's joystick pad.

Can someone please help me? If someone just had the Denon 2800 complete code list!

Eternal thanks,

OP | Post 74 made on Sunday November 14, 1999 at 17:50
Historic Forum Post

In response to the Denon codes. The channel up and down buttons should work for the tuner presets if you used the 0160 code. I don't know the answer to q.2. The surround key (SURR) on the 15-1994 cycles through the various DSP modes. There is no way to select them individually even on Denon's own remote. The display key will give you access to the OSD menus and cycle through them each time the button is pressed. You will have to learn the cursor keys and the select keys from the original remote to actually use the menu system. Hope this helps.
OP | Post 75 made on Sunday November 14, 1999 at 22:35
Historic Forum Post
To Dave...

I did use the 0160 code and the channel up and down buttons don't seem to work the tuner.

As for the DSPs - it assigned the 5 DSPs (Matrix, Mono movie, Jazz, Video game, etc.) to the "surround" button BUT they don't cycle to 5 channel stereo, direct, or regular stereo. So I am missing those 3 and I use 5 channel the most.

As for the OSD, I noticed that the display button brings up the OSD but I can't manuever thru them because the buttons don't work (weren't mapped with the 0160 code). I seem to be able to "learn" all of my other remotes except for the Denon. For whatever reason the 15-1994 can't seem to learn the Denon, or I guess it would be more accurate to say the Denon can't teach its codes to the 15-1994 (the Denon remote is the problem).

Where can I go to find advanced codes for the Denon 2800?

I really like this remote but my receiver is the most crucial component to control!

Find in this thread:
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