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Codes for Kenwood VR-309
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Post 1 made on Tuesday April 18, 2000 at 18:06
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Kenwood VR-309 Reciever, (may also apply to related revievers, vr-357 for instance)

This Reviever has functionality split between codes 0313 and 314, with most of the day-to day operations under 0313.

There are a *lot* of codes which work to contol another kenwood device connected via kenwood's "system control", very few of which are available using the remote supplied with the reciever by kenwood,
so the cinema 7 is a "must have" for this reciever, especially since kenwood's remote is especially known for being particularly sucky..
The 2 which I have included here are the tape deck (kx-w6080 in my case) and CD player (cd-323M in my case) I'm not guaranteeing that this list is complete, I might have missed something, and some other tape-decks and cd players might respond differently than mine.

So, the VR-309 supports the following under device code 0313 unless otherwise specified:

General functions:

Power...........000 Numeric Keypad:
Vol up..........003 (1)..193 (2)..183 (3)..195
Vol down........255 (4)..188 (5)..192 (6)..190
Video 1.........126 (7)..194 (8)..061 (9)..065
Video 2.........183 (0)..189
Sound (suround sound
Direct out......100

Under Device Code 0314 you can also find the following:
"sound" button...106
"setup" button...249
Dislplay Dimmer..248

Note that the only way to switch to video3 is to "learn" a key from the original remote.(personally, since all my programmed keys take up so much memory, I've used the learned keys for all my audio switching...
Under VCR I've got a learned key to switch the audio to video1, Under DVD I've got a leaned key to switch audio to that, under CD (into which I've programed everything needed for CD and Tuner) I've got learned keys for switching to CD or Tuner, and under Reciever, (into which I've programmed all the controls for the tape deck...) I've got leaned keys for switching to Tape and Phono. This keeps everything consistant... and saves some memory becasue of all those programmed keys needed...

Anyway, the rest of the keys I've found:

Tuner functions: (to switch to...129)

Return to last preset....066

Also, can use numeric keypad to directly change preprogrammed channels.

Even More functionality exists under device code 0314
Tuner Scan Down...................183
Tuner Scan Up.....................187
Tuner Channel Down................182
Tuner Channel up..................186
Tuner Auto Seek/CD stop...........180
Tuner Channel Down/CD Prev Track..181
Tuner Channel Up/CD Next Track....185

CD Functions (control CD player/changer connected to system control)
To Switch to...127

Play/Pause........051..(is the default for the "play" button)
Stop..............049..(is the default for the "stop" button)
Next CD...........053
Next Track >>| ...050..(is the default for the >> button)
Prev Track |<< ...046..(is the default for the << button)
Scan Forward >> ..186
Scan Reverse << ..182
Program Mode......172
Display Togle.....054
Repeat Mode.......044

Under Device Code 0314 you can also find the following:
Random mode toggle................108
Tuner Auto Seek/CD stop...........180
Tuner Channel Down/CD Prev Track..181
Tuner Channel Up/CD Next Track....185

Also note that the numeric keypad (see above) can be used to directly enter numbers, will change Disk number if thats active (see Next CD, 053), otherwise changes track number on my CD-323M.

Tape Functions (control tape deck connected to system control):(note that trying to Play a tape automatically switches to Tape)(also note that this list is for a dual tape deck, each tape has separate controls)

To Switch to Tape...128

Tape A: Tape B:
Play Forward...113 Play Forward...241
Play Reverse...109 Play Reverse...237
Stop...........112 Stop...........240
Fast Forward...115 Fast Forward...239
Rewind.........111 Rewind.........243
Pause..........108 Pause..........236
Record.........110 Record (not available?)

In order to Program Device code 0314 buttons into a 0313 device, do the following:

Set the device you're programming (probably Recvr and/or CD) to Code 0313, Set the "aux" device (or some other "spare" device) to Code 0314, Press "aux" (or whatever your temporary 0314 device is)

do the following:

Press Setup(and hold till blinks)..
9 9 4..
Setup(don't hold this time)
1 2 3 (or whatever the 3 digit code for the button you want is)
Press the Device you want to put this key on (Recvr or CD)
Press the Key you want to use for this function.
Thats it.
OP | Post 2 made on Sunday June 11, 2000 at 01:44
David Carmichael
Historic Forum Post
OK... I just purchased one of the 'One-4-All' Cinema6 remotes URC-6800B00.. how is it that you got this remote to 'learn' Video-2 & Video-3 input switching for a Kenwood receiver VR357? Using the Kenwood Remote model RC-R0608
All I can seem to get this remote to learn is Video-1

Also how does one scan the receiver stations? Or change pre-sets?

I have tried to understand the instructions as posted here and seem to be missing somethig?
OP | Post 3 made on Wednesday June 14, 2000 at 09:56
Historic Forum Post
There's two concepts going on here. The first is "programming" buttons using the advanced codes listed above, the second is "learning" commands from the original remote.

Kenwood is notorious for using more than one device code in their remotes. In the case of the VR-309 it uses 3 device codes. The first two are covered by the OFA remotes using device codes 0313 and 0314. They have also used a third device code for the VIDEO3 button that is not covered by the OFA remotes, so if you need this button you will have to "learn" it from the original remote (ie, put the remotes head-to-head and use the 975 command). Print off the manual from the site below for more info.

The one thing that I think might not be clear in Cav's instructions above is that you don't need to use two seperate device buttons to control the VR-309.

Here's how you would program the device button using two device codes...

1. First, program the device code to 0314.
2. Decide which buttons from the 0314 code you need and program them to the buttons of your choice.
3. Now, re-program the device button to code 0313. The buttons you just programmed will still be active where you programmed them.
4. Now program any functions using the 0313 adv codes that are not automatically mapped out.

Hope this clarifies it a little.
OP | Post 4 made on Wednesday June 14, 2000 at 10:02
David Carmichael
Historic Forum Post
Rob - Again Thanks.. what I ended up having to do is the 'HIDE LED' on the KENWOOD remote for two presses of its 'VIDEO SELECTION' key and then uncover the led for the third press of the selection button to get my remote to lean the code for the VIDEO 3 / DSS button press... If I did not cover the LED it would only learn the first press of the selection button..

--Again THANKS--

OP | Post 5 made on Saturday June 17, 2000 at 08:45
Historic Forum Post
Hello..what remote are these codes for? I have a kenwood 309 and need a remote. Do these work for the URC 7800(cinema 7). How is the support for the different cable boxes with this remote. I have the new Pioneer digital cable box(time warner system) and have had problems finding a remote that will control it.
OP | Post 6 made on Saturday June 17, 2000 at 12:31
Historic Forum Post
The 0313 and 0314 codes are in the Cinema 7, the Producer 8 series and Radio Shack's 15-1995 remote, they're just not in the 15-1994 for some reason.

Stragely enough, they can be found in old Radio Shack remotes like the 15-1918.

OP | Post 7 made on Tuesday August 8, 2000 at 15:30
John Martin
Historic Forum Post
I just called one for all, and they told me to use the following for Video 3 of my Kenwood 407:

Device code 027 Advanced code 382 or 575

Can anyone confirm these?
OP | Post 8 made on Thursday August 17, 2000 at 12:48
Historic Forum Post
Device code 0027 won't generate the code that you need. The 'Video 3' button comes from a device code that is not in the Cinema 7.

FYI (for the remote techies):
OFA device code 0313 is really Kenwood device code 184.0, and 0314 is Kenwood code 184.1 The 'Video 3' button comes from either 184.3 or 184.4 (I forget which).

AMP/0027 and CD/0028 are both Kenwood 184


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