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Infrared / IR controlled - WinFun 1155-NL Richmond Toys R/C Light and Sounds Car
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Post 1 made on Wednesday January 30, 2019 at 12:22
Borg Number One
Junior Member
January 2019

My son got a new infrared remote controlled: Winfun R/C Toy Car - ("1155-NL")


On the remote control there are three buttons:

drive forward

acoustic signal / horn

drive back and turn right at the same time

In the past I was very interested in IR remote controls related topics and interested in the different IR protocols and I already did read many about them and read many about the different IR related tools:

WinLirc --
IrScrutinizer -- [Link:]
Infrared protocol analysis with PC soundcard -- [Link:]
SlyControl RCExplorer -- [Link:]
(Infrared) Nethome Protocol Analyzer -- [Link:]
IR protocol analyzer - [Link:]
DecodeIR - JP1 Remotes -- [Link:]
Interpreting Decoded IR Signals (v2.45) -- [Link:]

What I was able to do so far:

I have not got any rs232/usb-hardware for receiving IR signals with my linux PC.
So, accidentally I figured out, that my old HTC Android smartphone has a built-in IR blaster, which can send !AND! receive IR signals.

The next step was to find a possibility to get and capture the IR signals from the toy car IR remote control.
Many IR remote control related Android apps use an internal or external IR code database and do not have a "learn" button for new IR codes.
A few IR remote control related Android apps have the possibility to learn new IR codes.(e.g.: Smart IR Remote - AnyMote)

But I could find only one IR remote control related Android app which can show the newly learned/captured IR remote control signal in detail: "Unified Remote".

But this IR code learning feature is not the main feature of the app.
In the settings: "IR (Select & Learn)" you can test your IR receiver and the app shows a LIRC like RAW IR code.

I could successfully capture the tree IR signals from the IR remote control buttons and I could successfully build a LIRC compatible "remotecontrol.conf" file for importing the signals into IrScrutinizer:

drive / turn back clockwise:
Unified Remote output:

converted for and used/inserted in IrScrutinizer:
+229 -150 +77 -85 +77 -85 +77 -151 +76 -85 +77 -151 +76 -151 +76 -86 +76 -1591 @ 34090 Hz

IRScrutinizer analysis result:
{34,1k,76,msb}<1,-1|1,-2>(3,-2,A:7,1,-20)+{A=0x16}; Alt leadout form: ^3m

("A=0x16" --> HEX2BIN = 0001 0110)

drive forward:

Unified Remote output:

converted for and used/inserted in IrScrutinizer:
+229 -151 +76 -85 +77 -85 +77 -85 +77 -85 +77 -151 +77 -150 +77 -151 +76 -1590 @ 35294 Hz

IRScrutinizer analysis result:
{35,3k,76,msb}<1,-1|1,-2>(3,-2,A:7,1,-1588u)+{A=0x07}; Alt leadout form: ^3m

("A=0x07" --> HEX2BIN = 0000 0111)

acoustic signal / horn:

Unified Remote output:

converted for and used/inserted in IrScrutinizer:
+229 -149 +76 -85 +77 -148 +77 -85 +77 -85 +77 -148 +77 -85 +77 -148 +77 -1599 @ 34413 Hz

IRScrutinizer analysis result:
{34,4k,77,msb}<1,-1|1,-2>(3,-2,A:7,1,-3069u)+{A=0x25}; Alt leadout form: ^5m

("A=0x25" --> HEX2BIN = 0010 0101)

I also could insert the RAW codes into the Android app "RCoid" and could also design and create a simple remote control for controlling the Winfun RC toy car.


Referring the three different captured RAW IR data, what kind of IR protocol / IR standard is used?

Does IrScrutinizer analyze and decode the RAW IR signals correctly or are there further possible interpretations?

Referring the three existing / captured IR codes, would it possible to regenerate new IR codes - for example just driving back without turning right at the same time or just driving forward legt/right?

Kind regards

Post 2 made on Monday February 10, 2020 at 12:12
Junior Member
February 2020
Hi...Protocol is a very simple custom one that we have never seen before. It's basically just one pulse of different lengths. So it has no name.
I assume Scrutinizer got it right since it didn't throw any errors.Highly doubtful there are any other possible commands the car would respond to. Reverse/turn is due the the mechanics of how the car is made. When it goes reverse, the steering turns without any actuation. This is just how these simple toys work. To prove this to yourself, turn it off and roll it backwards by hand. It will turn with no power at all.

Last edited by TateStiroh on February 19, 2020 13:19.
Post 3 made on Wednesday March 4, 2020 at 22:02
Thomas Lee
Junior Member
March 2020
Hi Steven, great experiment and admirable initiative. The IR protocol used in the signals you observed is NEC protocol, which is widely used for remote controller: logical 0 is a 562.5us pulse burst followed by a 562.5us space (total transmit time 1.125ms), and logical 1 is a 562.5us pulse burst followed by a 1.6875ms space (total transmit time 2.25ms). Link to explanation: [Link:]

I suppose if you try all the rest of the 8-bit HEX numbers other than 0x16, 0x25, 0x07, you will be able to see if there are other HEX mappings implemented in the toy's chipset (mappings from code to motor driving pattern).

Cheers from the best Tampa pool cleaning service. I was once a RC toy lover and tinker as well. Hope to see more follow-up fun projects from you Steven!

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