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IP Control of Sky HD+ & Sky Q
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Post 1 made on Thursday December 21, 2017 at 13:07
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June 2003
Hi All

With lots of help from people here and Liam Gladdy's brilliant original decoding of the Sky protocols, I've got working control going of Sky HD+ and apparently SkyQ uses the same setup.

It's pretty straightforward - I create an Activity Script which connects to the Sky box

var IPAddress="";
var Port=49160;
var Timeout=100;
var str = "";
var receivedText = "";
var len;
var command="";

function ConnecttoSky()
socket = new TCPSocket(false);
socket.onConnect = onConnect;
socket.onData = onData;
socket.onClose = onClose;
socket.onIOError = onIOError;
socket.connect(IPAddress, Port, Timeout);

Then the only callback we really need is OnData

function onData(){
var code;
var writeText;

// System.print("Ondata.");
receivedText =;

if (receivedText.length < 24){
len = 1;
else {
//System.print("Writing Data");
code = SkyRemoteCommands[command];
// System.print ("Hex is " + showHEX(String.fromCharCode(code & 0xff)));
writeText = "\x04\x01\x00\x00\x00\x00"+chr[Math.floor(224 + (code/16))]+chr[code % 16];
socket.write (writeText);
writeText = "\x04\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00"+chr[Math.floor(224 + (code/16))]+chr[code % 16];
socket.write (writeText);

// socket.write (ArrayToString([0x04,0x01,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,Math.floor(224 + (code/16)),code % 16]));
// socket.write (ArrayToString([0x04,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,Math.floor(224 + (code/16)),code % 16]));



and this uses two fixed arrays

ar SkyRemoteCommands = new Array()

SkyRemoteCommands = {
power: 0,
select: 1,
backup: 2,
dismiss: 2,
channelup: 6,
channeldown: 7,
interactive: 8,
sidebar: 8,
help: 9,
services: 10,
search: 10,
tvguide: 11,
home: 11,
i: 14,
text: 15,
up: 16,
down: 17,
left: 18,
right: 19,
red: 32,
green: 33,
yellow: 34,
blue: 35,
0: 48,
1: 49,
2: 50,
3: 51,
4: 52,
5: 53,
6: 54,
7: 55,
8: 56,
9: 57,
play: 64,
pause: 65,
stop: 66,
record: 67,
fastforward: 69,
rewind: 71,
boxoffice: 240,
sky: 241

var chr=new Array()
"\x00", "\x01", "\x02", "\x03", "\x04", "\x05", "\x06", "\x07", "\x08", "\x09", "\x0A", "\x0B", "\x0C", "\x0D", "\x0E", "\x0F",
"\x10", "\x11", "\x12", "\x13", "\x14", "\x15", "\x16", "\x17", "\x18", "\x19", "\x1A", "\x1B", "\x1C", "\x1D", "\x1E", "\x1F",
"\x20", "\x21", "\x22", "\x23", "\x24", "\x25", "\x26", "\x27", "\x28", "\x29", "\x2A", "\x2B", "\x2C", "\x2D", "\x2E", "\x2F",
"\x30", "\x31", "\x32", "\x33", "\x34", "\x35", "\x36", "\x37", "\x38", "\x39", "\x3A", "\x3B", "\x3C", "\x3D", "\x3E", "\x3F",
"\x40", "\x41", "\x42", "\x43", "\x44", "\x45", "\x46", "\x47", "\x48", "\x49", "\x4A", "\x4B", "\x4C", "\x4D", "\x4E", "\x4F",
"\x50", "\x51", "\x52", "\x53", "\x54", "\x55", "\x56", "\x57", "\x58", "\x59", "\x5A", "\x5B", "\x5C", "\x5D", "\x5E", "\x5F",
"\x60", "\x61", "\x62", "\x63", "\x64", "\x65", "\x66", "\x67", "\x68", "\x69", "\x6A", "\x6B", "\x6C", "\x6D", "\x6E", "\x6F",
"\x70", "\x71", "\x72", "\x73", "\x74", "\x75", "\x76", "\x77", "\x78", "\x79", "\x7A", "\x7B", "\x7C", "\x7D", "\x7E", "\x7F",
"\x80", "\x81", "\x82", "\x83", "\x84", "\x85", "\x86", "\x87", "\x88", "\x89", "\x8A", "\x8B", "\x8C", "\x8D", "\x8E", "\x8F",
"\x90", "\x91", "\x92", "\x93", "\x94", "\x95", "\x96", "\x97", "\x98", "\x99", "\x9A", "\x9B", "\x9C", "\x9D", "\x9E", "\x9F",
"\xA0", "\xA1", "\xA2", "\xA3", "\xA4", "\xA5", "\xA6", "\xA7", "\xA8", "\xA9", "\xAA", "\xAB", "\xAC", "\xAD", "\xAE", "\xAF",
"\xB0", "\xB1", "\xB2", "\xB3", "\xB4", "\xB5", "\xB6", "\xB7", "\xB8", "\xB9", "\xBA", "\xBB", "\xBC", "\xBD", "\xBE", "\xBF",
"\xC0", "\xC1", "\xC2", "\xC3", "\xC4", "\xC5", "\xC6", "\xC7", "\xC8", "\xC9", "\xCA", "\xCB", "\xCC", "\xCD", "\xCE", "\xCF",
"\xD0", "\xD1", "\xD2", "\xD3", "\xD4", "\xD5", "\xD6", "\xD7", "\xD8", "\xD9", "\xDA", "\xDB", "\xDC", "\xDD", "\xDE", "\xDF",
"\xE0", "\xE1", "\xE2", "\xE3", "\xE4", "\xE5", "\xE6", "\xE7", "\xE8", "\xE9", "\xEA", "\xEB", "\xEC", "\xED", "\xEE", "\xEF",
"\xF0", "\xF1", "\xF2", "\xF3", "\xF4", "\xF5", "\xF6", "\xF7", "\xF8", "\xF9", "\xFA", "\xFB", "\xFC", "\xFD", "\xFE", "\xFF"]

Then, when I want to use one, I just set the global variable command, and then call ConnectToSky()


That's it - really simple and very reliable.

pete S

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