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Palm Pilot is an excellent Universal Remote Control
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OP | Post 46 made on Tuesday July 20, 1999 at 16:49
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I just bought a Pronto less than a week ago. I can already say it beats my other programmable remotes (adcom, onkyo)hands down. I researched this purchase for about 3 weeks and talked to people that have had the chance to use the competition (more than a day) and the bottom line is the Pronto is the best way to go for the money.

If you are strapped to that tight of a budget you shouldn't be looking to buy such a remote anyway! I picked up mine for $299, the internet does wanders for prices, new in a box with a warranty from an authorized philips dealer. I can't believe people here would even start to compare used prices to new (how ignorant). Obviously if you buy some used worn out no warranty junk from Ebay it will be cheap. Please compare apples to apples! I have not used a Palm as a remote, and I am not saying it is good or bad from a usefulness perspective, but I am against the ignorant arguments placed here.

If you like gadgets (like me) I enjoy the time I spend setting up my CCF's. If you don't enjoy tinkering with gadgets then use the remotes that came with your stuff. If you don't mind putting in the effort to make things exactly as you want them, and you have a wide range of devices to control, then the Pronto is the only way to go.

The HK Total Control (AKA. Mandrigal) is easy to program, but annoying to use.

The Marantz RC-5000 is very similar to the Pronto, but costs $449 (my best price) and clearly not worth the additional $150 as Marantz does not offer the same level of support on their version.

The Marantz RC-2000 $200 was the best in it's day, and is still a respectable remote, but has been left behind by technology (still enough for most folks)

The Rotel 990 $190 is very 'average'! Doesn’t do anything poorly, but doesn't do anything great, but is not flexible.

The SL-9000 $99.99 is the best BUDGET remote I have ever seen. It has hard buttons (a lot of them) and it is fully programmable, and is more than most people need. If your cash it tight check this one out, surf the net for the price. Most dealers sell it at 129.99 but I found a few for under $100.

As for the Palm, it does a lot of things, but my rebel days are behind me and I am not interested (personal decision from experience) in making things do something they were not designed to do (no matter how well they do them). Because somewhere down the line some little thing won't be right and it will annoy the hell out of me that I didn't just spend the extra money to get it right the first time.

Buy the Pronto, if you have any computer skills whatsoever you won't be frustrated or disappointed with it. There is great public support for it on top of Philips support.
OP | Post 47 made on Friday July 23, 1999 at 23:24
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Early in this thread someone says the add on IR module from pacificneotek improves power 400x. what it actually does is boost power 400% this is about 5x. also the upgrade card for earlier palms is about the same as the IR add on for the palm III. why 3com made the palm IIIs IR so weak is beyond me.

OP | Post 48 made on Friday July 23, 1999 at 23:36
Daniel Tonks
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Russ: It's weak because it was designed to transfer data at high speed over a short distance. Low speed/high distance applications wern't part of the Palm's IR design. I'm sure they could figure out how to do both if they wanted to...
OP | Post 49 made on Saturday July 24, 1999 at 14:38
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Palm remote fans!

I received this information from the Pronto list believe it or not! There is some software out called What'son v1.1. Here is the website:

With this software, you can download onto your Palm a listings guide of all the programs going to be shown on the air. Use this with the timed macros, and you can easily record the show of your choice ahead of time.

Here is an example of a distinct advantage of the Palm. There are thousands of developers creating software to enhance the features of the Palm. Although this piece of software isn't the 'second coming', it's an example of things to come! Another reason to choose the Palm!

Please inform the rest of us as you see additional home entertainment software for the Palm!
OP | Post 50 made on Friday August 13, 1999 at 18:07
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Just wanted to update all Palm Omniremote owners...

The new version will be coming out before the summer is over, and it will have some nice enhancements. One of the enhancements will be added icons for graphics, and another will be a programmer's interface to develop your own programs adhoc!

I'll keep you posted!
OP | Post 51 made on Tuesday August 17, 1999 at 15:57
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I have to agree that the Palm makes an excellent universal remote- as good as thw H/K Take Control. I had the the H/K and though it was great, though bulky and akward. Now I realize that I was just happy not to have my coffee table cluttered by six remotes. I have a Palm III and I downloaded and tried PacificNeotek's trial OmniRemote software. Its true that the internal IR was weak, but also I didn't want to leave my palm in the living room. So I bought a used Palm Pro for about $50 and I bought the IR module from PacificNeotek that clicks into Palms without internal IR. This IR works much further than the palm IR- all the way across my living room. For a total expenditure of $90 ($50 for Palm Pro, and $40 for Omniremote software and IR module), Ihave a true learning, programmable, universal remote that does everything the H/K does. Plus all the other many things that a palm can do. I highly recommend trying this route before plonking down $300 -$400 for a Pronto or H/K Take Control.
OP | Post 52 made on Thursday August 26, 1999 at 09:08
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This is all very interesting, except where do you find a used Palm for $50??? I've looked on eBAY, and even the older Palm Personal/Pros are going for $120, and the IIIs for more than $150. It's almost cheaper to buy new from a low-price store from
OP | Post 53 made on Sunday August 29, 1999 at 11:11
Dan K.
Historic Forum Post
Well finally took the plunge and purchased the OmniRemote software and Palm Pilot.I would have made the move sooner but I had an outdated computer until recently.I am very pleased with the Palm Pilot as a remote control.One thing I will say is that a remote control extender system(LeapFrog type)is a must to have if your going to use the Palm Pilot as a remote control.Without it I can understand why Daniel and others described the use of the Palm Pilot as unpleasant.If this option were not available
I wouldn't consider the Palm Pilot a reasonal option as a remote control.An added bonus for myself is that I will also be able to use the Palm Pilot other capabilities. Being single does have it's advavtages once in awhile.Bottom line is that I am very pleased with the Palm Pilot as a remote control/hand held computer.
OP | Post 54 made on Saturday September 4, 1999 at 06:00
Historic Forum Post
Can anyone tell me if the Palm Pilot, the Pronto or any other universal remote (I do understand that the Palm Pilot isn't really made for that function) can control my Akai VS-A77EA VCR.

The remote is broken, unrepairable and unreplaceable, so I can't learn from it, but many functions can only be controlled from the remote so I can't use my VCR.

I am trying to find a remote that will have the right codes for this VCR hard coded, or one for which I can download the codes from an internet source.

I realize this isn't a request really applicable to this thread, but I thought since you are pretty knowledgeable that you may be able to help.

I realy like this VCR, it has served me well for nearly 10 years without a problem, it sounds good (you can hear the dialogue without blowing your neighbours and yourself away) and is just an all round excellent machine.

If anyone can tell me if there is a universal remote which will fullfil my needs or somewhere I can look to get some advice, I'd appreciate it.

I have emailed Akai, about 5 minutes before posting this, so maybe they may help.

Hope you can help,
OP | Post 55 made on Wednesday September 15, 1999 at 22:42
Historic Forum Post
You're best bet would be to contact Akai. Good luck.
OP | Post 56 made on Thursday September 16, 1999 at 21:09
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This discussion has convinced me of one thing:

I own a Palm Pilot, want a Pronto, but can't part with that kind of money for a remote (I can but my wife won't let me).

Without this discussion, I would not have something to hold me over (Pilot + OmniRemote) until my wife will see things my way and let me get the Pronto.

Strong points of view have a way of squeezing valuable information from people.

Thanks to PDD and Daniel Tonks
Great Forum
OP | Post 57 made on Friday September 17, 1999 at 18:52
Historic Forum Post
I've just received my 2mb & IR upgrade kit($49 plus shipping mail order) and am waiting for my Palm Personal to show up (ebay $52). When I get it all together and add the $20 software, can anyone tell me what kind of reasonable range I can expect to get out of the combination in my living room?
OP | Post 58 made on Friday September 17, 1999 at 20:36
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Does anyone know about the IR capabilities of HandEye's new Visor series? It's supposed to be better, faster, and cheaper than the PalmPilot, and 100% compatible... I've already committed to buying one for other reasons... but if I can use it as a remote, so much the better...
OP | Post 59 made on Saturday September 18, 1999 at 12:17
Historic Forum Post

I'm not exactly sure of the range because I use an IR to RF device which gives me pretty much as much range as I want. However, I've heard that the upgrade card to the Palm Personal is a little better that the attachment that pacificneotek sells, so I think you'll be just fine.

I just saw that new Visor series. Looks like a great investment. The people you should talk to about that would be the developers of the Omniremote. Their webpage is:

Let us know what you find!
OP | Post 60 made on Tuesday September 21, 1999 at 17:07
Historic Forum Post
I was wondering if anybody knows of a place to purchase the type of remote control extender mentioned in this thread,other then SMARTHOME.I ordered one from them over a month ago and have still not recieved it.They keep changing the date that it will be stock.
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