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Post 11 made on Tuesday January 12, 2010 at 17:38
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On January 12, 2010 at 08:15, ibdoomed said...
I'm curious and it's probably mentioned somewhere but what do you use? I'm imagining something wild and top of the line like an mx-6000 or 5000 or maybe a tsu9800? Depending on if you like the two handers or not. Or you've got some prototype that's a little suction cup you put on your temple to think control your system? =)

Ha! My first universal remote was a pronto ts-1000. The screen broke. Then we had a client with a pronto ts-2000 that failed. I stole the screen from it and built the worlds only pronto ts-1000/2000 hybrid :). I still have it, i use it as an IR learner/tester.

My next remote was a URC MX-850. Quite possibly the best remote ever built. The hard buttons got dated, the transports for DVR's in particular... and with each new device i had to have more soft buttons. At one point a clients MX-700 failed and i gave them the 850 as a loaner because i was able to load their program to the 850. The client asked if they could buy the loaner and i said yes. I still regret that decision a little.

I had a URC MX-950. Very nice remote but my girlfriend dropped it a few times in front of me and i decided to sell it on ebay before it got broken,

I had a TPMC-10 and an RTI T2-C that i used for a while and sold on ebay.

Currently i am using a URC R6. I got it for $20 i think, with best buy reward certificates. Its a learning remote and all my gear has discrete commands. It has a nice set of hard buttons and i can control everything from it. I dont care if it gets dropped or chewed, lost or stolen.

I have been watching the TPMC-3X for a while and then i wanted the prodigy version and decided against it when i found out it wasnt wifi. I have thought about a TPMC-8X but its a few years old now and im hoping that apple or someone comes out with a nicer option. When i load my templates to the 8X they look good but not great. I would like something with better image quality/higher resolution at the same screen size. I think the 8X is 8.4 inches.

The TPMC-8X is the perfect panel size IMO. Its small enough to hold in your hands while watching TV and large enough to manage subsystems and AV sources. If they could increase the resolution and double the battery life (without the extended battery pack) i would probably get it. Im hoping that apples tablet rumors become reality at some point. This fake screenshot i found is what im hoping it looks like.

I cant make up my mind about what i want and since i see new toys at every job its really hard to just pick one and live with it. I would imagine that most CI's have a science experiment going on at home because we cant commit or because were constantly stealing our own gear for projects or family members or starting things and not finishing them :).
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