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Post 17 made on Friday June 16, 2000 at 15:14
Terry Davis
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Mike, took your advice and demanded to speak to management. The support person put on hold, came back a moment later and said that they hadn't forgoten me and will get back with me when they know more. Told the guy that this was not satisfactory, I've been waiting long enough and I WANT to speak to the supervisor. He put me hold again for about a minute and then the line went dead.

After I recovered from the near heart attack, I promptly called the main number and indicated I wanted to speak to management about this experience and everything else. The operator put me on hold for a moment and came back saying someone will call me. I expressed the reason why that has not a good idea and she said that was all that she could do.

Went ahead and called support directly again and once again demanded to speak to management. They asked for my name. I told I'll tell that to the management person I speak to. They said they can't do that. So I told them my name. They knew my name and informed me that my case is worked on, someone will conatct me, and that was my only option. Period.

It should pointed out that although very firm, I have not raised my voice, made any threats, or used foul language with these people i have spoken too. Yet I am being treated like I have.

I'm not sure what to do here. As near as I can determine, the service division is the only phone number Samsung makes available in the US. No one else to call.


GregoriusM, great advice. Next DVD player purchase will be through a dealer - which by way this thing is going, will have to happen pretty soon. Apparently you need an actual working DVD player to watch DVDs:)

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